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I see several comments on the availability of drip irrigation systems in uganda. A company called "agromax" sells a lovely set with all it takes, ready to build without much knowledge thanks to a clear instruction, for about one million ush per 1/4 acre. They are based in luteete, gayaza road.
For bigger projects the indian company "gentex" based in the industrial area of ntinda, on the jina-side of kampala, has all it takes in wholesale at very competetive prices. There is no need to trouble yourself in the dodgy dungeons of uganda customs service


Help us get reading books, reference books and toys for the Community Resource Centre

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Nakyerongosa village started a community resource centre after observing the need for such a facility in the area. The idea came about as a result of support from a retired community trainer who donated a few of his books because he wanted to give something back to the community. COMASA officials sensitised schools and community members about the programmes at the Centre. Since then people have realised the importance of the resource centre as a source of knowledge and it is making a world of difference for children whose schools are too poor to afford books.

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Hi Everyone,

Greetings to one and all!

Here are some of the new development our village have been putting into place in the past few days. Pastor Mike our local representative and our team of online volunteers have been working on with the following tasks in order to address the needs of the village of Jinja East.

1. We have now registered at and still in the process of identifying what projects are we going to take for the village.

I would like to welcome Stanley Okurut to the Altulibabisi village here at Nabuur. Stanley joined us on Wednesday this week. As some of you may know, Stanley is the local representative of the Kapuwai village. You can get to know Stanley more via his profile located here:

Stanley we welcome you to the village, please ask if you have any questions.

Kind regards-

Facilitator for Atulibabisi

We had two new volunteers join the Kayole-Soweto project this week. Please join me in welcoming Stanley Okurut from Uganda, who joined us on Tuesday. Stanley is the local representative of the Kapuwai village here at Nabuur. Bramuel and I were very excited to learn of Stanley's project. He serves in the same capacity as Bramuel at a hospital in Uganda. Kapuwai shares many of the same needs that Kayole-Soweto does, so we are hopeful that by collaborating together we may be able to help both projects improve. Stanley's profile can be found here:

Hi again Stanley,

I stumbled up on a document which has some very interesting suggestions that could help inform your proposal. See the section: How Civil Society in Uganda can maximize its role in the
APRM process. Lots of ideas on how to imbed the APRM process in local communities. Feel free to use these suggestions- it will make your proposal stronger (if they are applicable)


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