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I received this update via email from Daniel on October 11th:

"- our feeding program is going well and we need fund or food donation,on our side we are planing have contribution to support the program ,which will be next Tuesday
-we are going on our mid term next week
-we are planing to take our kids to trip on november and we need people or friends to support this with giving some small donation so that we can buy food, snacks and pay transport for the kids
-our adult class is moving well,still we are on need of learning materials for this program

Greetings to all-

I had the opportunity to talk with Tejanath today. It was great to catch up and hear about how things are progressing in Khandbari with the tourism project. Tejanath indicated in his conversation with me that they are trying to devise a means for the childhood education project and the Arun Valley Children's Home to benefit from the trekkers coming through the area. They would like to learn more about Social Trekking.

Since January, Adnan has been working on development of a strategic planning document for the school and having regular discussions with both Khadim Hussein, Mary, and I. The document is currently drafted based on our discussions and information that Adnan has shared with us. He was able to meet with Khadim in person in Pakistan which was fantastic.

Bukoggolwa Project Update

We are presently working on updating and redefining our project in order to get a clear and fresh start. Please be on the look out for our project "re-launch".

Benedict and Rev Wasike met yesterday to discuss the definition of the project and focus on ways to develop the project in a way that will guarantee its sustainability. Please feel free to join the discussion online or get in touch with Benedict and Rev Wasike if you wold like to be a part of the decision making process.


Hi everyone!

I have to apologize that I didn't get this message posted sooner, but I ran out of time last night. Over the past several weeks, Kimsorn and I have been communicating via email about the Moung Russey village. Things have needed an updated for quite awhile and I offered to help him do that so we can get things moving again and start seeing results happen.

I spoke with Tejanath yesterday and he provided a few updates that I felt were worth noting here;

1. The shopkeepers in Khandbari have been considering shops for tourists, or how to address the needs of tourists in the area.

2. The youth clubs are very interested in tourists coming to Khandbari. The Rural office is interested in providing training young people to be tourist guides. The youth see this as a potential source of income.

3. Three volunteers from the USA have recently gone to the local base camp for trekking.

Hi Jenny! I join with Min in welcoming you to the Gamauli village. It's so great to have new volunteers choosing to join the project. We have a lot of big things going on at the moment, so the project room is a bit quiet until they get accomplished-here's a brief synopsis:

Tejanath and I spoke this morning. As he indicated in his previous message, he will be meeting with the VIP's of the district on Wednesday. He will be presenting the website and the strategic plan.

After the presentation, they will form a new committee named the Sankhuwasabha Tourism Council (STC). This council will be responsible for promotion, management and infrastructure in the Sankhuwasabha district. It will also take over responsibility for the www.sankhuwasabha.com website and appoint a "Chief Editor."

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