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Help Design a Website for HOPE Children's Foundation Africa

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

HOPE Children's Foundation Africa currently has a basic, free website at http://hcfa.weebly.com/index.html but we are hoping to expand the site and have our own domain name. In addition to providing information about our organization, some of the goals for the website are:

- to accept online donations
- to provide free ecards for visitors to send
- to generate income via affiliate program links.

Any other suggestions for the site are welcomed and we can discuss specific content once we have a volunteer designer.

If you can help with this task, we would love to hear from you!


Status: Finished

we are looking for some one to help us create a website and we are also looking for a volunteer to take up the position of a facilitator of out village interested person please contact us at rcminternational@gmail.com
mike and Esther

Does anyone in our village have web design skills? Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!
Please contact Local Rep (Jean-Claude) or facilitator (Anna Soper)

Anna Soper

Web Master - Help write content and keep the site updated

Status: In progress

In order to attract potential donors, increase awareness and promote Kabondo, and allow for 'online' donation a website was developed at www.kabondopoverty.org.

We have webhosting for 2 years but now require a webmaster.

Duties include:

- Writing content for the website
- Posting updates at least monthly, but preferably every week
- Posting photos, videos and other links
- Maintaining a list of registered users that sign up on the site
- Developing new pages as the site grows
- Minimum 6 month commitment

Expertise or skills required:
- Experience in working with Joomla

Neighbours interested in web designer

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