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Hi everyone,

The web development group wants to come together again in June, to give another push to the NABUUR platform.

It's been silent from our end lately. Technical maintenance and security updates behind the screens have continued, but there wasn't a lot of news to report otherwise.

Does anyone in our village have web design skills? Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!
Please contact Local Rep (Jean-Claude) or facilitator (Anna Soper)

Anna Soper

We need a qualified web designer/master

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

We need a volunteer or a team of volunteers to help us design a website for BCDC projects. This will incorporate online courses, videos, music and journal articles (for download and purchase), links to our Nabuur and Twitter pages, and more. Please see the attached document for more of the website specifics.

Our volunteer(s) should be dedicated to the creation and maintenance of this website.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping start this task.

**13th August Update: We have found a web designer for this task. Thank you to Daniel for taking this position. **


The first time I posted this it disappeared although the date and time of post on the task list screen did get updated. So am trying again...

Kester, the first few points are in reply to your message, as I can't add attachments to private messages...

Web Master - Help write content and keep the site updated

Status: In progress

In order to attract potential donors, increase awareness and promote Kabondo, and allow for 'online' donation a website was developed at www.kabondopoverty.org.

We have webhosting for 2 years but now require a webmaster.

Duties include:

- Writing content for the website
- Posting updates at least monthly, but preferably every week
- Posting photos, videos and other links
- Maintaining a list of registered users that sign up on the site
- Developing new pages as the site grows
- Minimum 6 month commitment

Expertise or skills required:
- Experience in working with Joomla

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