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We need a new website - help us get started!

Status: Just started

The E4N Foundation needs a new website to help us showcase our work in Kenya and Uganda. Please take a look at our current website

Are there parts that you find particularly effective that we should keep?

What parts aren't working and need to be changed?

We need your advice to help us get started and look forward to hearing your ideas!

Dear All
for sometimes now we have been working with one of our volunteer Jeremy to develop our website and now we need your input hear is the link to our website anybody with new idea of how you want the site to look like.
i look forward for your thoughts and ideas


Status: Just started

KIRC Foundation would like to establish an online presence to let others know about the work they are doing in Ghana. For this task, we are seeking a volunteer with web design experience to help us develop a site that features the work we do to introduce our organization to the world.

If you are interested in helping us out with this task - please submit examples of other websites you have developed so that we can view samples of your previous work.

Project: Village talk

More information added to our website

Includes sponsorship information

Hi all-

Just another quick update on the status of this task:

Hi Marina-

I see that you have a website started for Daniel. Based on the link he listed in a previous post, it looks like the site is still a work in progress, is that correct? Will the URL eventually reflect the name of the school?

Can you update regarding where things stand with the development as of now please? What still needs to happen?

Thank you!


Review & Edit - Keframa College Website

Status: Finished

One of our volunteers, Marina Klimi, created a new website for Keframa College located here:

For this task, we are requesting assistance with reviewing the content of the new website and making suggestions for any changes or edits that may be needed. Please list your suggestions here.

Hello again,

I'm not sure where exactly your village is located, but on the map it looks like it is near Nairobi. I found that there is a not-for-profit organization, called "Computer Aid International" and they have two headquarters - one in London and the other in Nairobi. Computer Aid International provides professionally refurbished computers to educational institutions.


I work with computers every day. Although my IT job is currently in another field, I have had some jobs working with web pages, and am comfortable making basic webpages. I might be able to help you.

I'm afraid my schedule is very booked until the end of May, but we can brainstorm and get materials ready before then. Here are some things to think about before creating a website:

Who is your audience? What is the purpose of the website? Is it for parents to learn more before sending their children to the school? Is it to obtain funding & resources?

Hi Jeremy,

I had made a similar suggestion a few months back. Now that the dust seems to be settling, this might be the idea whose time has come...



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