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Official Website Launched!

We are glad to present the official website of the Jinja East Village, through our non profit organization which is the Revelation Children Ministries International.

Hi Marina-

I see that you have a website started for Daniel. Based on the link he listed in a previous post, it looks like the site is still a work in progress, is that correct? Will the URL eventually reflect the name of the school?

Can you update regarding where things stand with the development as of now please? What still needs to happen?

Thank you!


Hi Susan! Welcome back!

The new website is located here:

Mary has created a document which is posted a little further down in this string that summarizes the suggested edits. If you would like to look through the website and see if you find anything that isn't mentioned, I think it would be helpful to have another set of eyes. I have looked at it so many times I feel like I am probably overlooking things that might be obvious to others.


I had a chance to look through the latest edits to the website and compared them to Mary's list of items. Only a few of the recommended changes were made. I did look at the revisions/additions you made. I especially like the pictures on the hospital staff page. I think it makes a big difference. I think it would be great if you could get the others agree to add their pictures as well.


I've checked the website multiple times this week for the editing updates. They are still not there. Have you checked in with Steve to find out what the problem is?

Has Steve provided you with administrative access to the site? Is it possible for you to log in and make the necessary changes so that you can publish them yourself? We have been waiting on this for the last several weeks and it should not take that long to make these changes, so I am just really wondering what is preventing that from happening at this point.



I just wanted you to know that I'm trying to get clarification from Bramuel as to whether or not he saw your last list with the edits needed on the website. I know some of the things are done, but last I looked, it didn't look like all of the new suggested edits had been made. I will ask him about this again tomorrow, so we can get this task taken care of. I think maybe he's been delayed because he has been ill.


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