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Identify potential buyers for the woolen products of Yoshinkhel Craft

Status: Needs urgent help

We need your help to identify potential buyers for the products created by Yoshinkhel Craft. Naturally, contacts with regular institutional buyers would be most helpful. You could help by contacting your local fair trade or woolen crafts shops, or also providing emails or websites of similar shops you might know.

Dear Catherine,
It's been a while we heard from you! Sorry that Sabina could not work as priority on the questions you had asked, but she has been very busy lately and it is very difficult with currently only 4 hours of electricity per day...I hope you're still with us and can give us an update :)
Best, Angelika

Dear Catherine,
Thanks for your recommendations. The prices seem quite low to me. But you did take into account also what similar products cost, if I understand correctly. Let's see what Sabina says, but I think it sounds feasible :) and then we anyways have to adapt according with our experience...

And yes, we would definitely like to go with the website! One more question on this: do you also design logos? Because we're thinking about including one in the catalogue too.
Best, Angelika

Hi Mika,
I liked your text much better now :) I just made a few changes. Sabina, what do you think?
Best, Angelika

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