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Developing Our Youth Sports Outreach Program

Status: Just started

In the Khama village, there are a large number of youth who have never attended school. These youths have a talent for sports and games, especially football. We have established the VH-LAHA Football Club as a means to reach out to these youth.

BRAINSTORMING: Promoting Health Education via a Sports Program

Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Arrow Web Hospital is currently considering adding a sports program to target youth ages 11-35 (Bramuel tells me all in this age group are considered youth in Kenya) in the local community. The goal of this program would be to use it as a means to promote health education, mainly around the topic of HIV/AIDS awareness, but also have more obvious benefits such as promoting teamwork and providing an opportunity for exercise.

Holiday time at Lake Kariba- YOFOSO kids take a break

A holiday is usually something we save hard for and look forward to all year.

Hi Emmanuel-

I wanted to share this resource with you because I think it may help you in further defining your project with the help of local community members. It contains multiple resources, trouble-shooting guides and different approaches that you could consider for identifying the type of project(s) that should be focused on in your community.

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