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Finally, it has taken off. And what a worthwhile wait.

Arrow Web Hospital Welcomes 6 visiters from the UK, USA, KOREA AND ZAMBIA

Arrow Web Hospital has again received 6 visitors from UK-USA-KOREA AND ZAMBIA.

Dear Garden Neigbours,

Hello everyone, it's been a while since we've had an update for Garden village. There's been a lot of work going on in the background, and this is just a short update on what has occurred over the last few months.
Mulenga has not been able to post of Nabuur for a few weeks now as his access to the internet is severely limited right now. He has sent me an email last night and I'd like to share some of it with you all.
" I know I have been offline for quite a while but I am sure it has been very worthwhile as
I have so much good news to share, only thing is that I am not able to

Holiday time at Lake Kariba- YOFOSO kids take a break

A holiday is usually something we save hard for and look forward to all year.

Fundraising goal reached! Louis and Gibson can start Grade 8

After several weeks of lobbying for votes and then donations, we have now reached our goal of raising $440!

Good News! We have 100 Votes

After 3 weeks of voting- we have reached 100!

Creative skills wanted- write or design brochures for YOFOSO

Status: Finished

There is a need to start promoting the work of YOFOSO. What we need is a brochure on the organisation- mission statements, what its goals are, where to find them, programmes it offers etc. A draft of this brochure is attached here. It still requires work- or it can be re-done completely with a different look and feel. The text could do with some re-editing too. The target audience of this brochure would be potential partners, to include in proposals, to make available at fund raising events etc

Investigate micro-finance in Zambia- options to expand the business centre

Status: Finished

Currently there are 4 computers in the Garden business centre (internet cafe). Business has been coming in steadily and the aim is that these 4 computers will be used to their maximum capacity each day. Profits generated by the centre will be re-invested into the YOFOSO youth programmes and into expanding the capabilities of the business centre. Purchasing additional equipment such as a photocopier, or more computers and printers is part of the business plan.

Deadline to get Garden boys to Grade 8- School starts on Monday! Your Vote needed today!

School starts on Monday and we still need 19 votes!!! Vote YES at yofoso
Three years ago when two boys from Garden, Louis [now 16] and Gibson [now 15] joined us at the YOFOSO social centre and library they where unable to read or write.The only language we spoke was football.

Neighbours interested in Zambia

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