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Video Good Shepherd Nursery and Primary

A short video of the children at Good Shepherd Nursery and Primary in Kameke

Youths performing

The youth of Buzaya secondary school performed a drama act.

Donating Goats to Volunarable Children in Mawoito

What great joy we had when orphans of Mawoito received goats to help them get education donated by Ginger.

Water campaign

Thanks to the company that donated the borehole to the community of Kisozi, HAU was able to run a water campaign on Sunday October 11th.

Update October

News from Wakitaka and plan of action

Staff received tshirts

On October 7th, all staff members received tshirts with the logo.

Handing out the reading books

On October 9th, the reading books were handed out.

Handing out pads

On October 6th, pads were handed out.

Reading books donated to HAU

An organization in the Netherlands has donated a large box full of reading books.

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