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New Focus for BEHOD

Jinja Central got land and we are now focusing on goat rearing and Agriculture mainly vegetables

Help us publicise our online fundraising campaign to set up a vocational training centre in Kenya

Status: Needs urgent help

Dear Nabuur Volunteers and friends !

Receive greetings from Fountain Youth Initiative !

Thanks for supporting us during the first phase of fundraising towards the shipment cost of the vocational equipments hence we now request you to support us towards the final phase of creating the vocational training center.Below is the link to the fundraising ! Thank you for the continuous support and please share our campaign with your friends and family members.


Imagine if your writing skills coupled with marketing techniques would help serve and save a life by giving to marginalized people any where around the world, especially at the extreme ends. To many, it seems almost difficult to impossible! But Nydia Khargie's experience to raise funds for LUYODEFO's pad project reveals that it is possible, practical and achievable.

One World Champion for LUYODEFO

Status: Needs urgent help

LUYODEFO is seeking partnership with One World Children's Fund, and since we are not a501c3 in the US, we need to have someone living in the US who would qualify to be a champion for your organization.

We are looking for people living in the US who can become our champions. One Wolrd Champions are people in the US who volunteer to raise money and awareness about partners of One World Children's Fund. For more information and the process, visit the One World Children's Fund website


Clean Water Bore Hole Project

Our Clean Water Bore Hole Project in Ghana is one of the five winners of the voting sessions organized by We are writing a proposal to two organisations namely Wilde Ganzen or Cordaid to top up the amount (3.000 euro)to be able to meet the appropriate amount needed.


Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

We have land where we have put up our Green house.
To make good use of the available space and other resources, we have come up with a plan of putting up
3 fish ponds.
1. Pond to provide food/proteins to our children in school.
1. pond to generate income for the sustainability of the projects involved.
1. pond to enable sponsorship of needy and worthy students in our school.
To Construct 1 pond we need a total of KES16,500(Appr.$200).It measures 5m by 15m by 2.5m(depth)
We plan to stock each pond with 15000 fingerlings. Each fingerling costs KES5.00

Voting for a Water Bore hole in the village

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

The Ghanaian Association in The Netherlands cordially invites all friends to vote and support its Water project in Dromankese in Ghana by means of voting on Together we can make a big change. Thanks in advance for voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please copy the link and paste in your browser to vote for our Water Bore Hole in our Community.

Thanks in advance

Volunteers required

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

The volunteer can help any or all of the following thematic area activities:-

(1). Educational Development program:
• Help with teaching and assist teachers during their lessons at primary and secondary schools we work with.
• Planning mobile libraries for village children/ schools, setting-up reading clubs and organizing reading competitions.
• Setup a program to offer after school classes, early childhood development (ECD) alongside adult literacy; this will also involve meeting with teachers and parents and home visits to ensure joint responsibility of children’s education.


when people are shown how to fish, they will no longer ask for fish.the projects that we have already started in place like green house project thanks to the safaricom foundation, is an indication this the best way to go.

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