MDG1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

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Help to fundraise for Buterere projects

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Help us to find organizations, websites, NGO's, etc that can be important to help Buterere raise funds or collect money.

One of the goats gives birth to tripplets

One of the six goats (the brownish one) gave birth to triplets on Tuesday 23rd June.

First chicken sold!

The chicken have grown and are now going to be sold.

Proposal writers WANTED: help with a grant proposal for the School Garden Project

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Half a day

Rev Wasike informed me yesterday that due to food shortages in Kenya, the daily rations for the kids in school are cut down to a cup of porridge at lunch time. That gives a new sense of urgency to our School Garden project, which aims to provide a sustainable food supply to the pupils in school. We have a fundraising group on the ground in Nairobi and we need your help to put together a grant proposal in order to obtain the seed money for the project.

Can you help the Pellital Microfinance Institution design a marketing/promotional plan?

Status: Just started

Pellital is a Microfinance Institution. The goal of Pellital is to aid in alleviating the poverty through a microfinance program in Agnam-Goly, Senegal. The word Pellital means "commitment" in Fulani, the language spoken in Agnam-Goly. In this rural village, microfinance opportunities have till now not been available to most of the inhabitants. The Pellital team's objective is to assist loan recipients in the successful planning and execution of small businesses that will propel the families of Agnam-Goly out of poverty.

Project: Village Talk

Discuss social enterprise safari partnership and write letter of intent

Status: Stalled
Time needed: 
Two hours

Some neighbours have brought up the idea to try to establish a partnership with a safari tour provider to the Nile source to give tourists an incentive to donate a bednet for the village. The idea is to use the relatively new idea of a social enterprise, that is to say an enterprise that does reinvest its profit in social projects. Safari providers might have an interest in showing a "better" image by offering the possibility to do something "good" to their guests.

Discuss income generation for the school to become self-sustainable

Status: Just started

The Kilele Junior School is looking to generate more income to allow to buy a new van to transport the children and to admit more needy children.
At the moment the school finances the needy children with the fees from the more privileged ones, and sells ropes that they get for one dollar.
Discuss more ways to generate income for the school. Creative ideas are very welcome!

Project: Village talk

Wrtite content for a website and discuss free website providers

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
A week

The Kilele Junior Foundation would have more publicity and use a website to inform people about the school and to find sponsors for the needy children.
Discuss what information is needed. Help John to write content for the website, and discuss advantages and disadvantages of different free website providers and content management systems.

Goat Project Updates

This is one of the goats that were bought with their pregnancy.

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