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Updates on computer training

Status: In progress

The computers have arrived in Jinja. Now the training needs to be set up. BEHOD needs a letter from the Ministry in order to be able to hand out certificates. Other actions will follow.

Updates will be posted here!

Secretarial services: how can we get a photo copier in Jinja?

Status: In progress

In order to raise some money for support we want to start offering secretarial services. One item that is needed is a photo copier. What would be the best way to get it?

Find volunteer trainers for skills training

Status: Stalled

Following the knitting training, Sabina has several other ideas in mind for how to increase the income possibilities of the underprivileged women in Yoshinkhel. These include tailoring, and soap and candle making. But of course other skills might also be interesting for the women, so in coordination with Sabina volunteers with any other useful skills would be very welcome too!

Find a market for our Nepali woolen products

Status: Finished

There is currently an order of 500 pieces of the woolen products for the women who passed the first skills training. However, there is no perspective yet for what will happen after the 2 months that the production is ongoing for this order. Fortunately the Association of Craft Producers also said they would put an order. But of course a more stable income would be of great benefit to the women!

Are you a marketing specialist? The first important thing would be to do market research. There are currently 25 knitters who can produce
Knitters can knit 2 hats per day
Gloves 2 pairs per day

Find volunteers to help in business development, education, training and/or construction

Status: In progress

In Yoshinkhel we have plenty of opportunities for individuals who would like to help the community not only over the computer, but also in the village itself as volunteers. How could we attract them? Or are you yourself interested?

Specifically we are looking for people to help with
1. developing the knitting program into a professional business
2. training the women in advanced knitting (or other professional skills)
3. designing/constructing the building
4. training the tutors of the school children

Contact partner/donor organizations

Status: In progress

We have identified potential donors and partners to support the various parts of this project. However, it is a lot of work to write to all kind of donor organizations – so let’s help Sabina in this task. Based on the draft letter you can find under resources we look for Nabuurs who would be willing to write to the organizations (by email) and follow up until a reply is received.

We think it would be easiest and most convenient to get funding
1. for the business development of the knitting project

Education - general discussion

Status: In progress

Please use this area to discuss education-related items that do not fit into any of the other tasks.

If you think there are other topics which should have their own separate task, please post details here and we will make a decision on whether to add them.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE - Meet the Moung Russey Neighbours

Status: In progress

On behalf of our local representative Sa Kimsorn, the Cambodian Youth Development Center, and the people of Moung Russey, we welcome you to our village here at Nabuur! We are so happy that you've chosen to volunteer your time with us and look forward to working with you.

If you are new to our village, please take a moment and introduce yourself here. If you have special skills that may be of use to us, please don't hesitate to let us know!

We are eager to meet each of you and grateful you've chosen to stand in support of our community.

PROJECT ROOM - A Place for General Project Updates

Status: In progress

The PROJECT ROOM is a space that will be used for general project updates. Updates from our local representative, Sa Kimsorn, will be posted to keep everyone as informed as possible with what is going on with the project.

If information does not fit nicely with one of the tasks noted above, this is the place to post it.

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