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A Star Is Born

A football sensation! Maimuna Gaye tells the story of an unexpected gift.

A mother and her child by Rayo

When Zamina Nampina lost her husband after 15yrs of marriage, it would have been so easy to let the grief and pain overwhelm her. But the 7 precious children they had together were there as a reminder why she had to go on. With nothing but a dying 1 acre land, hope in her heart and determination in her spine, she pushed her loss behind her and faced life one day at a time.

Designers for Catalogue needed!

Mika has found a job that takes up most of her time now. Unfortunately that means that we lose a great designer who helped a lot in putting together a wonderful draft for a catalogue for the woolen products from Yoshinkhel.

Who could help to finalise the catalogue?

Help us with resources, including technical assistance to improve our capacity and institution

Status: In progress



This annual report highlights THINS operations, activities and challenges during the year in the areas where we are operating. Particularly parts of Western, Riftvalley, Nyanza province: Siaya, Shinyalu, Ikuywa, Ileho, {around Kakamega forest, Kabujoi and Webuye}.


International volunteers wanted for Pondicherry, India

Status: In progress

We would like to invite international volunteers to come and join us in empowering women through both education and microfinance in Pondicherry, South India. Please check out or email us at for more details.

We would also like to use this task as a way of asking other, local NGOs to join in our 'call out' and help bring international help to our village. Through sharing and exchanging of both skills and knowledge, we can aim to lift the role of women in our area.

Project: Village talk

Help organize the beneficiaries into a farmers' co-operative

Status: In progress

Now that the project has begun; the most substantial risk to its’ goal and purpose is that the capacity at community level is insufficient to adequately manage the project tasks.

This risk will be addressed through substantial investment of project resources in capacity building and strengthening and volunteer training, as well as training the beneficiaries in group dynamics.

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Creative fundraising - Attempting to make the largest stamp mosaic in the world

Status: Finished

The village of Nabitende will attempt to break a Guinness World Record™ by making the largest stamp mosaic on the first of December, World Aids Day 2009.

Orphans and other vulnerable children will make it to raise awareness among themselves about Aids, to empower them, raise awareness of their situation and to raise funds for this village. The biggest reason is, though, to give them a fun day and maybe some art classes beforehand.

Discuss and research options for income-generating activities for the families of students

Status: Finished

Many of the students at Notre Dame High School come from very poor families. Their parents/guardians are not able to afford to pay school fees, and lack many of the other basics as they do not have a regular source of income.

The school would like to assist these families in setting up small income generating activities of their own. Christopher has been involved with a similar project in the past while working with another organisation in a different area, and it was very successful, providing huge benefits to the families involved.

Meeting with the Dutch ambassador

Today Pelle and I will be meeting the Dutch Embassador in Kampala. Pelle is there to share his experiences in Uganda, but we will also use the opportunity to get advice on a proposal that we have been preparing: Secretarial Services run by people with disabilities.

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