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Help us get warm clothes for the children at our school

Status: Just started

Dear Friends

Thank you all neighbors and friend who helped me and my school at this level. We started to share ideas and resources to improve the quality of education in Gamauli before 6 years. This school was in very miserable situation at that time. No furniture,very rough building, no playground and many others. Our counseling to parents, training for teachers and resourcing became very success and not the school is being model in local community. Friday celebration program is being very effective and other schools have been started too.


Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Hi All, mawoito childcare project is in a fundraising drive for her project for a Christmas party for the needy children in the village of mawoito. This is therefore to request for your contributions towards this noble cause please. The children would also like to have a tour to Entebbe Internal Airport and Kampala city. You can contribute $50 only and this would bring a smile on the face of the needy children in mawoito village and would create an impact in the lives of these needy children.This activity is scheduled for December 21.

Tonny Mulambe

Project manager


Status: Just started
Time needed: 
A week

The GHC has been able to put up a fish farming project.
We Constructed the pond, filled it with water & agae and then stocked it with 5,000 fingerlings.
They are now 1 month old in the pond.Construction of the pond took Kes48,575. The fingerlings costed
Kes60,000. Feeding them since then has costed us Kes35,650.
The feeds they take at their infant stages are very expensive. They are imported feeds. After one & half months , they will feed on pellets which are locally manufactured and cheap.
We urgently need Kes40,500($500) to reduce mortalities.


Help Arrow web hospital to write a successful funding proposal toEuropean Union kenya

Status: Just started

Arrow Web Hospital recently got an invitation to submit a funding concept paper to European union through Kenyan office about the mental health care in the slums area.

the dateline for submission is oct 30th 2013 we are looking the volunteers to help as write the concept paper.

Please kindly let me know if anyone who can help us.

The hospital plan 2.jpg


Status: Just started

Pl. share here latest Technology available in market which help farmers to doing there day to day activities without any extra effort and comfortable.


Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Less than an hour

Looking for suggestions and ideas to make a list of Tress which help us to plant in farm which will provide better income to near future.we are looking for knows the trees which need minimum water or zero water requirement once planted in the farm because it's very difficult to drip water for such a trees due to dry land farming in our areas.
pl. find out the trees which growing well without water once it planted in monsoon season and also good revenue generated....

Project: Agro Forestry

Improving access to health care

Status: Just started

Our objective is to provide basic health care to children, their families and communities, to decrease the number of children who die each year under the age of five and decrease maternal morbidity and mortality rates.

Improving family livelihood

Status: Just started

Our objective is to ensure the self-sufficiency of families and households and increase their ability to care for their children.

Vocational training, co-operatives, and small business start-up support prepares the way for parents to gain confidence and competence in earning a living so they can provide for their children and themselves. In rural communities where employment is scarce, it’s often this simple, targeted support that makes all the difference.
Childcare projects therefore seeks support in the following areas below:


Status: Just started

Our objective is to create the opportunity for children to participate in pre-primary development and primary school education.

There is no denying the importance of an education in preparing children to live full, strong lives. Families affected by poverty often face great barriers to making this happens for girls and boys who are eager to learn, so we bring a long-term approach to building local education services and creating innovative ways for families to access them.


Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

We have land where we have put up our Green house.
To make good use of the available space and other resources, we have come up with a plan of putting up
3 fish ponds.
1. Pond to provide food/proteins to our children in school.
1. pond to generate income for the sustainability of the projects involved.
1. pond to enable sponsorship of needy and worthy students in our school.
To Construct 1 pond we need a total of KES16,500(Appr.$200).It measures 5m by 15m by 2.5m(depth)
We plan to stock each pond with 15000 fingerlings. Each fingerling costs KES5.00

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