Dream, Mission & Start

NABUUR's Mission

Nabuur connects online volunteers with communities in developing nations to find sustainable solutions for local problems.

NABUUR's Vision

NABUUR will be a leading network of online volunteers that supports, encourages and empowers people in developing nations to achieve sustainable solutions to local problems.

At Look Back at Our History

Interview with NABUUR's Founder on His Dream

Dennis Argall, an Australian Neighbour, interviewed NABUUR's Founder Siegfried Woldhek. You can read this interview about Siegfried’s original vision for NABUUR by following the link below.

Read the interview here.

NABUUR’s history: how it started

Siegfried Woldhek started the NABUUR foundation with Philipp Kauffmann at the end of 2001. Hear him tell the story in his own words.

updated 2/13/11