Social Media for Empowerment Award 2014 for South Asia

Deadline:  25 August 2014 Digital Empowerment Foundation is seeking nominations from all eligible applicants for Social Media for Empowerment Award 2014. The mission of this programme is to foster the momentum of Social Media for social empowerment while in a cross-border learning, experience sharing relationships by creating a regional network of Social Media enthusiasts in […]

Action for the Support of Deprived Children

The Action for the Support of Deprived Children, committed to defending the right to education worldwide disseminates grants for projects targeted towards the education of disadvantaged children and adolescents. The strategic goal of the foundation is to promote access to education and training to give future generations the means to support a sustainable manner so […]

Ella George Children’s Foundation

The Ella George Children’s Foundation (EGCF) is a private, non-profit foundation that partners with non-profit organizations, supporting initiatives and programs that enhance the lives of children with positive and measurable outcomes. The foundation believes that in order to advance the well-being of underserved children, it is fundamental to strengthen both educational access and the quality […]

Children for Tomorrow

The Children for Tomorrow is a non-profit foundation with the aim of supporting children and families who have become victims of war, persecution and organized violence. The Children for Tomorrow therapists and doctors are specialized in therapeutic treatments to heal the invisible wounds caused by violence, war, abuse, persecution and loss of family. In addition […]

Roger Federer Foundation

The Roger Federer Foundation is a charitable foundation that works with selected local organizations in long-term partnerships.  It supports the development of individual skills, searches for innovative possible solutions and acts in a targeted way in order to improve the children’s situation over the long term. The RF Foundation envisions a world where children living […]

Post Blog on ‘Tourism and Community Development’ to Participate in WTD Blogging Competition 2014

Deadline: 15 August 2014 Many people mention blogging/writing and traveling as hobby or passion. This is a time to showcase these passions. The World Tourism Organization invites bloggers who have lots of knowledge about tourism and its economic, social and environmental impact to post blog in their own blog to compete in the WTD (World […]

The Pollinate Energy Fellowship for Youth Outside India – An Opportunity to Experience and Support the Urban Poor

Deadline: 29 August 2014 306 million people in India live without access to electricity, which means they rely on fossil fuels, such as kerosene, for light. This is the 25% (1/4) of India’s population. Young People based outside India have an opportunity to help these people improve their living standard through Pollinate Energy Fellowship. The […]

Mexican Government Scholarships for International Students in 70+ Mexican Institutions

Deadline: 31 July 2014 Do you belong to one of the following regions – Asia, Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East, Pacific, North America, Europe, and non-self-governing territories? Have you applied to study in a Mexican University and been accepted or currently studying in Mexico? If so, you are the candidate Mexican Government Scholarships for […]

Apply for Guinea World Youth Congress

Deadline: 14 September 2014 Guinea World Youth Congress: a gathering of exceptional, talented young people who have DONE amazing things – in their communities, in their nations, in the world invites youth between 18-35 years of age to become the youth delegates. The Youth Congress will take place from 11-21 November 2014 in Guinea, Sub-Saharan […]

THET invites Applications for Additional Support to the Health Partnership Community Grants

Deadline: 5 September 2014 The Health Partnership Scheme (HPS) that supports the development of health services in poor countries is accepting applications for Additional Support to the Health Partnership Community Grants. The UK health institutions and professionals should partner with low and middle-income health institutions to implement the projects that aim to improve health outcomes. […]