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What is is a place on the Internet that connects:

- Neighbours: people that want to take action now for the benefit of people in developing countries &
- Villages: people in need of knowledge, contacts, and new ideas to improve their lives.

People on NABUUR have in common that they are committed Global Citizens with a drive to do something to make a difference. Furthermore they are pioneers and not afraid to be confronted with cultural differences, distance and reality in developing countries. offers a platform where people from Villages in developing countries and Neighbours from all over the world meet, share and act together toward new solutions. The progress and results are all visible on the website.

How does it work?

It all starts when a local community applies for assistance. After the local community passes an assessment it gets a ‘Village’ on Staff trains a Local Representative who represents the local community on the Village. then attracts visitors to its site and invites people like you to become an online volunteer ('Neighbour'). also selects and trains a volunteer Facilitator who guides and coordinates the efforts of the Neighbours of a Village.

The Local Representative describes the Issue, Project & Steps and defines concrete Tasks for the Neighbours. You can do a Task, or part of it. By searching the Internet, contacting people you know, coaching local people, using your creativity, etc. Money is not primarily the issue.

When solutions have been selected they are put to the Local Representative and will be implemented locally. The Neighbours are informed of the results by photos and stories on the Village. When a Project has been solved a new Project is put to the Neighbours by the Local Representative and the process starts over again.

What can I do here?

The NABUUR website is offering you a unique chance to do a concrete Task that will mean an improvement for the lives of people in developing countries.

Click here to see what tasks are open today, finding a Task matching your skills and interest.

What is in it for me?


- Get the chance to actually DO something. Not just read, talk, donate, but DO without a high investment in time, effort or money as when you actually go there as a volunteer
- Get the possibility to share your knowledge & skills by coaching and guiding other people
- Get the opportunity to meet likeminded people
- Get the opportunity to learn and do something new, meaningful and exciting
- Get your profile on NABUUR, showing your activity for people in developing countries

At NABUUR, you

- Do what is really needed. People living in local communities communicate with you directly what they want, nobody else is in charge or in between.
- Spend 2-3 hours behind your computer as your schedule allows and do a concrete Task that will mean so much to a community of people.
- Share your knowledge, contacts, time & creativity. Funding is not the primary issue.
- See the results of your actions and those of other Neighbours.
- Take the change to be a pioneer in online volunteering.

NABUUR is online, people-to-people, direct and small-scale.

How do I start?

Starting is easy:

1. Join as a Neighbour
You register and fill in your profile. Automatically, you get a welcome mail from NABUUR, explaining how you can find a Task.

Click here to join as a Neighbour:

2. Select a Task
There is a great variety in Tasks. Just to mention a few:

- Make a SWOT analysis for the Masai people in Kenya
- Write content for the website of the Dogon tribe in Mali
- Find examples of internet cafes in Peru
- Help to find alternative ways of irrigation

You will find tasks from Villages in Latin-America, Africa and Asia.
You will find issues concerning:
Community development
Sustainable agriculture
Health and Nutrition
Income Generation
Water and Sanitation

Select a Task you like and Start

3. Start

You can select a Task and read in detail what should be done, how many hours you will need to do it, how to report your results and when it should be finished. There is always a Facilitator linked to the Task, whom you can contact with your questions or suggestions.

When you want to discuss your Tasks, want to share results, want to know who else is on this Project or just want to say hi, you visit the Village and post a message in the online (social) discussions.

When your Task is finished you can see the results on the Village and come back later to see what progress is made.

Click here to see what you can do

I'm not an expert, can I help too?

You don’t have to be an expert to be a good Neighbour. Everybody can help. By searching the Internet, using your contacts, looking for experts and organizations, bringing in creativity and energy.

Many people in this world are looking for something to do to make a difference for people in developing countries. For many reasons people don’t have the time or money to go to developing countries physically, or simply don’t want to. Other people don’t believe in traditional ways of developing aid. And some people don’t believe in giving money. Whatever your reason is, on NABUUR you are directly connected with people in developing countries, it’s small scale, you can start helping today, from behind your computer and it’s primarily about sharing knowledge, time, contacts and ideas. Today you will find Neighbours, from each continent, from over 150 countries, from 20 – 70 years of age , with a job, in-between-jobs, retired people and students. Without education, at university level, with a lot of volunteer experience and without…Everybody has something to offer here.

How much time will it cost me?

Doing a concrete Task will cost you between 2 – 8 hours in general. Because there are so many volunteer opportunities and there is a lot of variety, you will always find something to do within your time limit. Most Neighbours, however, don’t stop after doing a task and are regular visitors on the site and in ‘their’ Village.

I want to travel to a developing country, can NABUUR help me?

NABUUR is in the first place a platform for online volunteering. However, we can help you select a Village and bring you in contact with their Local Representative. In return we would ask you to upload your pictures and films.

NABUUR is not in anyway responsible for your trip, for making agreements with the Local Representatives, for your safety etc. Nor does NABUUR have financial resources to sponsor your trip. Our only role is being the linking pin.

If you are part of a group (for example students) and interested in visiting a Village as part of a NABUUR Project, please contact NABUUR staff

What results are achieved?

See here what Neighbours achieved

How does NABUUR reach the many local communities which do not (yet) have Internet access?

This problem is relatively easy to solve. First, many more communities have access to the Internet than most people know. Secondly, the number is growing rapidly and there are specialized organizations improving the connectivity if that is a bottleneck. Thirdly, and most importantly, the communities themselves find ways to hook on to the nearest Internet link. This can be done through phone, radio, telex, fax, sms, etc. It is not necessary to be on line all the time.

Can I start a Village myself?

If you are looking for help for your community, click here

How do I know this is reliable?

NABUUR Staff assesses the local communities, to ensure that

• The local community and their Local Representative are reliable
• The project contributes to the sustainable development of the community
• The local representative has the required Internet access (often at Internet cafes)

This way of working ensures that you know, as a Neigbour, that you are putting your energy in something you can trust and which works.

Who is paying for this?

All services are free of charge for Neighbours and Villages.

This is possible because of donations from our Corporate Partners.

The NABUUR method is not primarily based on money. Villages are supported in a more sustainable way by getting knowledge, contacts, time & creativity. If funding is a problem for a Village to realize the ideas, Neighbours are asked to help the Village to find ways for funding, e.g. to write letters to companies. Neighbours are not expected to donate money themselves, unless you want to do so of course!

What are the benefits of registering as a Neighbour?

- Full rights for using the website immediately
- Automatic help from our volunteer managers to find a matching task
- Connection to a committed network of Neighbours worldwide
- The possibility to meet, share, act and experience online volunteering
- Receive regular newsletters

There are no obligations when you join, we won’t spam you and you can quit whenever you want to.

What are the experiences of other Neighbours?

Click here to read the experiences of other Neighbours.