An online volunteer on, everybody joining NABUUR is called a Neighbour
Neighbour with a special task: facilitates the online projects
Local representative
Neighbour with a special task: represents the local community who is owner of the project
Village is the place on where new solutions are found for the local community.

A Village on NABUUR doesn’t necessarily have to be a real village. A Village can also be a settlement, a township, a refugee camp, a slum, a neighbourhood or any other place where a group of people lives.
The issue describes what happens to the Village in 10 years if nothing happens now.
Within the issue there is a focus on one or a few specific aspect(s) of the problem. The Village chooses different directions for solutions and formulate these in project(s) which is/are suitable for the NABUUR method. A project is finished when preferably a picture of the result can be made.
Each project contains different tasks. A task is a concrete thing to do, normally in 2-8 hours. As a Neighbour you choose a task matching your talent or interest.