Finding books, school supplies and other equipment

Status: In progress

Many schools and training centres need books, school supplies and other items e.g. laboratory equipment, tools etc

Provide details organisations or companies who may be able to donate this, both locally and internationally.

If the items came from another country, how did you cover shipping costs or find low-cost/free shipping? If you were successful at getting items donated within your own country, how did you do this?

Ho can our school benefit from your initiative sir
P.O.Box 40821 Nairobi,Kenya


If you will farm as noted below the only agriculture tool a farmer needs is a machete/corn knife/weed knife.

Organic, no-till gardening/farming, in permanent beds, using only a machete/corn knife/weed knife, doubles or triples yields compared to traditional ways, reduces labor 50% to 75%, reduces inputs/expenses to nearly 0 [buy only seed for new crops and green manure/cover crops], increases fertility, stops soil erosion [no rain water runoff], eliminates most weed, disease and insect problems and greatly increases profits if marketing. Use DIY drip or DIY bucket drip irrigation [made by farmer] to produce during the dry season and in areas of low rainfall.

I will help you and the farmers do this. It is done in every country in the world.

Ken Hargesheimer

Kenya, Njiru Sewage Slums/Village.

Dear Tim,
We are also interested.
Please use the contacts given to you on the other offer.
Waiting to hear fro you soon.
Josephat Nyagwaya.
we are a community school in Njiru district.
We are focused in providing access to Quality education to the
poor,orphans and other vulnerable children in sewage slums and its environs.


Hi Hisenburg

As I wrote to someone further down this discussion, check out some of the organisations that donate equipment on my list at as I know people who have received items from some of them. Note that some of the links are no longer working (I really need to get round to updating!) - if you go to the home page of the organiation you should be able to find your way to the relevant information.

I am sure there are plenty of others out there that I don't know about!


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Hello Everybody!
Regarding covering shipment cost in my country, Liberia, NGOs involved with programs that seek to reduce poverty are provided duty free. Like my NGO-MOPGEL, in 2009, we received seven used computers donations that were donated to us and we only paid $122USD given the duty free we obtained. Without duty free, we would have $750USD.

We are therefore looking for donation opportunities. We need sewing machines, medical equipment, school supplies, agriculture tools,and computers. We ask everybody here to help us with links where we could get donations

Hisenburg Q. Togba
Founder/Program & External Relations Officer
MOPGEL-Movement for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Liberia


pleae send me an address to send items too


Thank you Mary
this is quite encouraging



Hi Isaac

Who are you seeking donations from? If you have been looking at the link I posted in my reply to Saheed, most of them have details on their website about how to apply. Getting donations of books is usually fairly easy, and the appplication process is usually via a form on their site or by sending an email with the requested details.

The information below comes from that link - I pulled it out of the list and mailed it to someone a few weeks ago, so am posting it here too for you and others.



Book Aid

Provide books to schools and libraries in several countries including Uganda.

Work in Uganda
Requesting books in Uganda

There is application/contact info for all the countries where they work on their website.


Send reading books (not school textbooks) to schools, orphanages etc in developing countries all over the world.

How to apply:
Simple application process via email

Darien Book Aid

"Darien Book Aid is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that builds a foundation of peace, understanding, and friendship by distributing free books. Book Aid sends books in response to specific requests from Peace Corps volunteers, libraries and schools all over the world Books are also donated to libraries, prisons, hospitals, Native American and Appalachian groups in the United States."

How to request books
Simple application process via email

Hesperian Foundation

“The Hesperian Foundation is a non-profit publisher of books and educational materials that help people take the lead in their own health care and organize to improve health conditions in their communities. Simply written, heavily illustrated, and developed in collaboration with groups around the world, our books contain a wealth of life-saving information on diagnosing and treating a broad range of health problems.”

List of books

Most available for download but are very large files.
They run the Gratis Book Programme which sends free copies of books to groups in developing countries.

Contact them for more details -

International Book Project (IBF)

Provides basic subject textbooks for pre-kindergarten through graduate school levels, general library books, nursing and other specialized medical texts, as well as popular and technical journals, reference materials, and fiction.
Application form on the website - see

They also run the Books As Bridges programme which links schools which request (or have already received) books with schools in the USA. See (International Teachers section) for more information.

Books Abroad
"How Do We help?
We send books, fiction and non-fiction, to schools and libraries all over the world, responding to specific requests from schools.

Who do we help?
Anyone in need who asks from any country in the world. We send our books free of charge by the best route we can find."

No details of application procedures. Contact details at

Books For Third World

"Books For Third World is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to collecting, shipping and distributing books to benefit the educational development of students in third world countries."
Appears to ship books for no cost. Does not give application details but has a contact address.

The following charge for shipping, so are probably not a good option for you. May be worth contacting BIG Books as costs may be quite low for small quantities.

B.I.G. Books

"For over 12 years, Books for International Goodwill (B.I.G.) has successfully recycled used books for productive use by those who need books for schools and libraries to improve literacy in developing communities around the world. B.I.G. is a project begun by the Parole Rotary Club of Annapolis and is now an independent non-profit entity. It’s motto is “Spreading Literacy by Keeping Books Alive”."

Book requests
Ship large quantities of books (approx 20,000) in containers, can also do small box shipments. It appears you will have to pay something for small shipments, but am not sure how much so you would need to ask them.

Books For Africa

"Books For Africa ships 40-foot and 20-foot sea containers of books. A 40-foot container holds approximately 22,000 primary and secondary books or 18,000 post-secondary books. A 20-foot container holds approximately 15,000 primary and secondary books or 12,000 post-secondary books. A box of primary and secondary books contains an average of 40 books, and a box of post-secondary books containers an average of 32 books. Books For Africa also offers refurbished computers, which can be purchased for an additional charge."
Receiving organisations have to pay shipping costs, they are able to set up a fundraising page on the BFA website.
More information at


please Miss Mary, i would like to request for the donation of chairs, books and pens for my school.but i don't know the format.


please Miss Mary, i would like to request for the donation of chairs, books and pens for my school.but i don't know the format.


Hi Saheed

Unfortunately I don't have the time to get involved with your project myself.

If looking for books, possible sources of funding etc, you are welcome to look at the list I keep at

Good luck!



HI Mary,
I am really appreciate your effort even to reply my mrssage , though i have discivered the website for a long time but i dont get the proper protocol and procedure of getting the project manager even i have try to use the information you pasted on volunteer opportunity page and crossroad international is already reply and give us a refference number to return the application form back to them, please i will like to carry you along for this project my email is
i will like to know your email and to help us to achieve our dream.


Hi Saheed

Welcome to Nabuur!

As you will have seen from the information on the Home page, Nabuur links communities in developing counries (known as Villages) with onlien volunteers from around the world (known as Neighbours). Through the Local Representative, the village provides details of their needs (which are posted as tasks on the Project Room page), and volunteers help them find solutions.

Nabuur is not currently registering any new communities. If you want to be notified when registration reopens, you can leave your email address at

So unfortunately we cannot assist your group at the moment.

However, you are welcome to use the site as an online volunteer. You will find that you can learn by sharing information and ideas with existing Nabuur villages. For more information, have a look at the Villages or Volunteer Opportunities pages. You can also access common-interest groups via the Groups page.



Dear Sir,

Scholar educational services limited is a company registered in Nigeria with corporate affairs commission Nigeria, with company registration Number RC 876919, The company specialized in education consultanzy and recruitment of student for foreign admissions.
The company also runs Nursery and primary school named scholar kiddies university located at no 93 lebanon street opposite Union bank old gbagi, Ibadan . Nigeria
The school is purposely establish to perform the following functions
To source and award scholarship to the needy i.e orphan, street children and student from low income family.

To provide education for all
To serve as human development and reduction of poverty in the country.
To provide conducive learning environment for the children
For us to be able to achieve this aim we are seeking for the following items for the improvement of the children.

Donation of chairs and tables
donation of educational toys and play equipment such as sliding, merry-go-round e.t.c
donation of whiteboard and other educatinal materials such as books, pens e.t.c that can be useful for learning.
We will use our location to proclaim and promote the name of your organization , if you can be of help to donate any of the item mentioned above.the picture of the pupils can be send to you if you need it please kindly request for it.
We shall be very grateful to hear a positive response from you as soon as possible.
Ologundudu Kayode SAHEED
Managing Director
Scholar Educational Services ltd
93 Lebanon street old Gbagi
Ibadan, Nigeria
TEL; 234807312551


Thanks to all i am new in this community.

I am seeking high education in Australia or Newzeeland . Is there online tutorial is available or not?