Discuss and Create: A new support and help system for LR, facilitators and neighbors

Status: Stalled

Dear all,

The Nabuur Camp in Amsterdam was quite an experience and I think we as participants went there with mixed feelings, but came back now with the feeling that we have made a big step forward towards a better Nabuur platform and organisation. But lot needs to be done J The question of better support and help for neighbors, LR and facilitators was one of the key questions we discussed. It is now up to us to build a better support system, to develop guiding material and form groups of LR to support and connect to each other. This group has the mandate from the camp to work on this question and it would be great to have as many hands as possible to make it happen.

Sonja and I got started on a list of material LR, facilitators and neighbors would need to better find their way through Nabuur. (see the wiki) You also find all documents that have been created in the past and on which we could build.

To get started it would be great if you could:
- Brainstorm on what information LR, facilitators and neighbors would need. Please add and comment in the wiki.
- Volunteer to write or edit one of the documents needed (put your name in he wiki). (of course everybody should have his input, but we need clear responsibilities)
- Volunteer to edit and design the final documents / prepare slide shows and graphics.
- Discuss a LR – facilitator support system – and help to put it in place.

In general, I think we should set us a timeframe and maybe have the goal to have in place the support system we think is most useful in about a month. (of course it can be developed further then, but it is important to have some results, especially for LR to avoid further chaos.)