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  • Hi everyone, i have had a look atthe documet posted and have made some suggestins and changes. They are in BLUE_ I hope youc an see them.

    in this document there is talk of a 'buddy". We haven't really used that term on Nabuur for the last couple of years (I know we used to) so I just wanted some clarification- how does a volunteer promote themselves as a Buddy rather than a facilitaor.

    Also- I may have missed this- BUT has there been overall agreement that a Village cannot progress to a Project unless they have a facilitator?

    Ammended doc attached

  • This is further an issue of Enquirey especaiily for need to find out if it is possible to seek assistance of Nabuur to help in Fund raising, I have drafta Project Proposal but the amount of Money required is so huge such that If the project is to become realistic alot has to be done, this is s Water Project In Kenya which will Benefit 1.2 Million people living in a Rural environment.

    How Can Nabuur Assist me.


  • Hi Pelle,

    "That's why I've started this project: to take up a few obvious improvements and start with a bit of cleanup. You may ask yourself: "Why this cleanup when we're still making a plan?" - I don't count on having a new Nabuur site ready in the next half year. And I think we lose too much momentum if we don't get ourselves sorted before that time."

  • Hi Mary,

    Careful what you wish for :-) and thanks.

    Just doing a bit of digging

    1. tracking database, Pella I think??

    2. 'On the other topics' Is there a list of these anywhere and has a conclusion been reached on them that have been converted into hard software requirements?

    3. Is anyone co-ordinating requirements gathered from

    3.1 the website group
    3.2 the facilitator group
    3.3 the governance group
    3.4 the outputs from the Camp which were recorded somewhere. (Love it :-))

    Happy Days