This week's update

Update posted on Friday, Aug. 29th.

Hey everyone,

To make sure we aren't missing any feedback items, an overview is being compiled. It's almost ready and will be posted early next week. Once Frans is back on Tuesday, priorities on the different technical issues will be set and they'll be posted here for you to see.

In the meantime, below is a quick re-cap of the most urgent issues brought up:

- Glitches within My NABUUR/User Profile
- Posting order
- Posts marked as new (when they're not)
- Chat is not working
- Notification system is not up and ready
- Simplifying the site for users

As for those nasty bugs, the most important are:

- Lost content on Wikis
- Images (lost, size, placement)
- Old discussions not showing

More information and a much better overview will be posted next week.

In the meantime, Thanks again for your patience.

Have a great weekend, everyone!