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Sorry, yeah, I deleted it because I figured better not to confuse them further ;)
Best, Angelika


I also didn't get the notification of Gillian's post. The only reason I knew it was there actually is because Mary posted here.

Is this related to whether or not someone has joined a village as a member or have you guys been able to track down the reason yet?



hi Jen,

hmm... never noticed the Invite function could be frustrating... I fear I know too many usernames.
Bramuels is: barasa
You can see that in the address bar when you open his profile. But I agree that it's not very userfriendly :-S

Have added it to the request list.

Glad you like the groups page. The villages page is being worked on, I posted a draft here a while ago. Problem with that one is that the underlying navigation (pages) need to be rethought as well... that's taking a bit more time.



Hi Jen,

Actually the SPAM check is set up for most of the site. You must have given the messages an unlucky title or content or so (maybe included some links or email addresses). Based on the content characteristics the system checks if the message is to be trusted. In cases it's not sure it will offer the Captcha before it allows the post.



Hi Pelle,

Just a question regarding spam. Recently I had the unfortunate problem of having my email locked out because I was accused of sending spam. Not sure how it is elsewhere, but in Canada we apparently have a group that people can complain about SPAM or unwanted emails to and they can block you out from sending email. It is a government program and they monitor complaints, activity and sending of mass emails. Thankfully for me it was a mistake that was easily rectified, but it got me wondering about the email and newsletter function. I was told that if you repeatedly send out emails to large groups, you get red flagged. Since the email function and newsletter goes out to large groups - are we able to decide what email to send from (as I would like to send from a different email address than my main one) and can we go through the list of intended recipients and remove any or send in smaller batches? What if someone complains but doesn't want to unsubscribe themselves - is there a way for them to unsubscribe by replying to the email or clicking an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email or newsletter?



hi Barb,

Good questions. Not sure how the current solution works out for SPAM... although it's a common solution and the numbers of mails you send out are not too high. Usually they start counting when it's hundreds.

for the selection: The current solution is not that advanced.
Selecting & implementing a good email solution may not be a real quick win, but is definitely on our wish list. (which keeps growing )



Hi everyone,

I'm trying to recruit some neighbours for a task in Walungu and I find it very difficult and time consuming. Am I missing something?

I didn't find a tool (template) for inviting neighbours, where is it?

How can I know when they visited nabuur last time?

Whole profile page doesn't want to open so I can't click on write a message, so I have to find out their ID (time consuming - too many clicks)

I have no idea where they work, in how many villages... I'd like to see their contributions...

Any tips?



I am facing the same difficulties. "Neighbors who can help" isn't helpful because most of the time it lists people who have not logged into Nabuur in a very long time. I believe that their profile should show you their last log in date.

I've tried doing a search for Neighbors according to a specific key word like "trekking." This showed me people that have the word "trekking" mentioned in their profile, but then again most of these people have not logged into Nabuur in many weeks or even several months depending on the person.

What is probably the most difficult right now is that even though I've had some new people join in my villages-sometimes I fear I am missing them unless I look each and every day at the project pages because most of the time I'm not getting notification messages if they happen to leave a post...for those who don't post, I just miss them.

I am still finding the best success in networking with the people I know are active and asking them to help with specific things. I know I mentioned it before, but allowing people to comment within a village without joining it I think has both pros and cons.

Sorry that's not much help, but I'm in the same boat.



Hi Sonja

I was looking through the Neighbour Search page earlier too. I was able to open people's profiles and at the bottom it says when they were last online and how many posts they have made. Although it does not show what villages they belong to (Pelle, I think this is already on the 'to do' list?)

But so many of them haven't been online for over a year and/or have not made any posts, which probably means they will not be interested in becoming active.

There is a date on the search results screen, but it is not the date they were last online. For example, the search results screen for me
shows a date of 2008-09-16 21:58. It would be helpful if this screen could show the correct date and the number of posts.

I am sure it used to be possible to send someone a message from their profile screen, but this option has disappeared.


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Hi Mary and Jen

Thanks for such quick replies :o)

Jen, networking is a great tool, but I don't know anyone with graphic designing skills.

EVERYONE - if you know someone with the needed skills please let me know :o)
OR does anyone know any village that had to do some graphic designs so I can check it out?

On a neighbour profile it shows when they were last logged in (which I do not need at all).
But if they are signed up for a village, on Neighbours page of the village it shows when they last visited (which I very much need). So what I do is to enter the neighbour's name on search tab and it gives me their ID, (so I can send a message) and it gives me some of their postings if they posted before. So then I go to that posting, check the village's neighbours page and usually get what I need.

I hope this website will soon make our work easier, not more difficult :( I mean, it's challenging to try the ways to "cheat the system", but it takes much time (that I do not have!:()



Hi Sonja

Yoshinkhel have been designing catalogues, so may have someone with the skills you need. Or get it posted on the Nabuur blog, or maybe UN volunteers site?

Is that Last Online date on the village pages reliable? For example in Omiito it shows Else (the original facilitator) as last online over a year ago. But she has posted to the village since then!

How did you manage to get a list of their postsings? I can't find a way to get that, only the total number of posts.



Thanks Mary, I'll have a look.

On village page I think all of them are reliable, but I think for those who didn't visit since the website migration it shows some silly dates. I am sure it is reliable for those that visited in last several months.

I go to general search page (Full site search) and then enter the name of the neighbour. I get the list with all the postings where the name appears. On the right side you will find "Author" (you have to scroll down) and it's usually the first ID on the list that belongs to that neighbour. So when you click on that ID you get only postings of the neighbour you search for.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Sonja!

Pelle, When you update a Shared Work Doc, the date of last reply does not get updated. For example I updated today, but the date still shows sometime in April. This makes it difficult to track things if people have added info to the SWD, but not posted about it in the associated task.

Not sure if this one has been raised before?



Normally, when you include a web address in a post, it is automatically converted into a clickable link. However if the file name contains brackets () this does not work, as it only converts it as far as the first bracket. I tried using URL tags but that didn't work either. As it was a file on Nabuur that I had posted to a previous discussion I managed to get round it by changing the file name but if it had not been, it would have been impossible to post a proper link.

Also, is there any reason why the site does not include the full link name e.g. where the end of the name is replaced by ... ? This is fine when reading posts but makes it difficult if you want to cut and paste information from one task to another as I have been doing today (because there is no function to copy or move posts). Again, I managed to get round it.



Hi Pelle

Is there any progress on fixing the problem of missing notifications?

I did not receive one today for

He is not currently a neighbour of Masaka (have sent them an invite), so that may be the cause. Are there any plans to change the system so that you have to become a neighbour before posting?

I had problems with the Invite Neighbour function as I could not find his user ID anywhere on his profile screen, and it would not accept the name. Luckily he had added his email address to the post so was able to use that instead (that worked, it said the message was sent). I think this is a general problem as I cannot see my user ID anywhere on my profile screen either, just my user name. Am I doing something wrong?