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Reincarnating the developer group

The web development group on has been quiet for some time. The core group of people working on the tech side have been using some other tools to keep in touch and coordinate work, but with the move to a new server also came the move to a new set of tools to coordinate. Here's an overview.

Village tasks are now in Social Actions too

I think I first met Peter Deitz at Web of Change, talking about his idea to mash up the actionable opportunities on all the platforms for social change. That became Social Actions, where you can: join an event, sign a petition, donate to a cause, give out a loan, volunteer. The things you can do come from a variety of sources, like Care2, GlobalGiving, Kiva,, and starting this week, also from NABUUR!

First steps towards a better experience

The input that was provided here, was used as a starting point for an improvement plan, which is attached. From all the messages it was clear that the system may be working technically, but the right user experience is missing. In other words: the floor is there, the music is who will open the dance?

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This week's update

Update posted on Friday, Aug. 29th.

Easier layout, easier to understand, and easier connection to local reps!

Update and re-cap of what's been done this week.

Progress on bug fixings

Here is an update of what's been accomplished this week in regards to the bugs reported by NABUUR neighbours.

Feedback flooding in, here are some updates

A lot of feedback is coming in, and with continuous improvements and fixes being made, it's a challenge to keep up with what's going on. Romina and Frans compiled an overview...

NABUUR development

some pictures

The new site is getting ready...

Hi all,

The last couple of weeks all the functional items for the new site have been completed!
You can find a chat function, wiki’s, projects with steps and tasks…. Next to that Gertjan, a volunteer from the Netherlands, has given the site a NABUUR look & feel.

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