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Matopeni neighbours struggle with funding as the recession affects fundraising efforts across the board

Village facilitator makes journey to Matopeni village project

A village with vision – Eye-Camp focuses on village elders

Thanks to a shipment of recycled eyeglasses from the Netherlands, the future for 300 elders in Wakitaka village now looks a little clearer.

Seeds of Hope Sown Twenty Years Ago Continue to Bear Fruit for Kapuwai-PACODET

Death stalked Kapuwai village’s women and children. War, disease, and a scarcity of basic resources all took their toll. But at a historic community meeting under a centuries-old mango tree, seeds of change were sown.

A Hundred Little Blows to Break the Stone

Water flows to Gamauli! For the parents and concerned villagers in Gamauli, tackling the problems of Shree Krishna Primary School is like coming face to face with a boulder.

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Water - The Key to Survival

Most people never stop to think about the importance of clean water, because for those who have it in abundance it is just another plentiful natural resource. Water is necessary for the survival of most living things. In fact, dehydration--the lack of water--will kill an organism faster than starvation--the lack of food.

A Star Is Born

For the average child born in a developed country, Christmas, Easter and their birthday bring many opportunities to garner myriad of toys from friends, family and acquaintances alike. Most of these toys do not hold the child's attention for long, or maybe they are abandoned for another favorite" toy, or eventually they are passed on as donations to the thrift store or the less fortunate when a new "fancier" toy is acquired.

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