Storytelling for NABUUR Villages

Status: In progress

There is much going on in Villages at And when you are in the middle of it; when you are part of the team of Neighbours, your volunteer time rather be filled with research options, making contact to organisations etc.

Village Neighbours do not have much time nor interest to do something related like reporting what you are doing, which steps are taken, which progress is made, which obstacles are met, how this is influencing the life of the people in the Village. While other Neighbours might like the fun of reporting and writing stories about whats happening in the Villages.

Thats why NABUUR is looking for volunteer storytellers. You will regularly check the news, the results, get an update from the local representative to help you write updates about the latest developments in this Village. You will act as the Village reporter and create stories (within a given format most of the time). If you like to keep a blog or to post your stories outside NABUUR you are more than welcome as well.

Are you a story teller, a journalist, a Neighbour with writing and editing experience or interest?

Can you spend 5 hours a week, whenever it suits you, for the next 6 months?

Become a Neighbour of this Villages and introduce yourself here!

NABUUR is looking for 10 storytellers. No need to be famous;-).


Step 1

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Just startedIf you are new to the group, please introduce yourself here!992015-10-21 00:15
Just startedFind out all about NABUUR Storytelling - and get started here! 1032012-06-13 09:47

Step 2

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Just startedStorytelling resources162015-09-15 09:09
FinishedExamples of good stories (CLOSED) 12008-11-18 15:29

Step 3

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Just startedIf you blog, vlog or podcast about NABUUR - tell us here!62013-05-28 19:41

Step 4

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FinishedStories waiting to be written722009-03-24 18:25