Stories waiting to be written

Status: Finished

Here we can collect ideas, names of Villages or people which are waiting for a storyteller to write a story. Whenever you read or hear something interesting; post it here and a storywriter can pick it up and write the story!

Please follow this format when writing a story

Each story starts with a picture.
Each story has the name of the Village and the country mentioned
Each story has a catchy title, referring to the result.
Each story has a maximum of max 125 words.

Each story has the following structure:

1. The issue, the situation as it was (please dated where possible)
2. The ‘’result’’ (role of Neighbours made explicit, a result can be progress, the next step, the event, the visit etc)
3. The changes caused by the result for the issue, the new situation

You may also want to interview a couple of the neighbours and the local representative. If you need help in getting in touch with them, let me know. (An idea would be to post a message in the discussion thread telling them you'll be covering their story; or to send them a private message to initiate the conversation.)

What do you do when you've finished writing a story?

The storytelling group and process will be as transparent as possible. When you're done writing your story, please upload it to the news section (see how-to below).

Jessica will go over the story with you and offer tips (if needed). Then we'll publish the story (crediting you, of course) for all NABUUR to see. It will show up in the respective village, as well as in the story section of the NABUUR News tab.

We're hoping to also use some of the stories for our blog, as well as other social network platforms, like the NABUUR Facebook group.

To upload your story to the news section:

1. Click the News tab of the storytelling group.

2. Under the 'Create Content' heading box, click 'Create News.'

3. Fill in the following fields of the form: Title of the story, location, the teaser, the body, and upload a picture of the village corresponding to the story. (We'll worry about the other fields :))

4. Click Submit at the bottom of the page to save your story.

Assigned Stories (UPDATED: JANUARY 27)

The following is an overview of who is writing what:

Somdutta: Mukuru
Barb: Yoshinkel/Gamauli
Sinead: Garden
Daniel: Kabondo
Jessica: Peer to Peer in Kayole-Soweto and Kagulu

The most recent development in Nepal is worth a story (update).
The women in Yoshinkhel will deliver knitwear to the kids of Gamauli. A unique collaboration of two Villages on

Who writes a small story about it?


There are 9 computers donated to Kabondo. Who wants to investigate what happened exactly and how and wants to write a small story (update) about it?


Neighbours in general are unique people. Who would like to collect some quotes from Neighbours at


that sounds like indeed a great task but will not mind taking this up,but would also like to know is it going to be a timed or continuous process with the neighbors?


Hi Christie,

Thanks for your reply. Ofcourse I am happy with any story, whether you write one per 5 years or 5 a week. But I think it will work best if:

- you are an experienced writer you can do a single story and do something else afterwards
- you are a starting writer, you stay for minimal 6 months (to get used to do interviews, writing, researching etc)

Does that answer your question?

Why not do a test interview, to see if you like it and how it works?



Daniel (and Jessica),

Here are the latest stroeis of Kabondo. I suggest you read them first.
Normally you can find all information needed on the site (it might take some research!).
It's important to mention the names of the Neighbours involved and to get a final check from the Facilitator or Local Rep (if available).

Hope to get the update soon!

Think the News pages of this group are a good spot to post the stories.


Hi there,

Koliyonkulam has two interesting stories developing at the same time. Unfortunately the village keeps very low profile and may be a nice story is what it needs to become a buzzing place again.
The first story is about the local representative Jegan, who got frustrated with the slow (stalled) fundraising on and decided to run the Mumbai half marathon to raise money for the children in the school. The second one is about the new facilitator Frantisek Korbel who opened an online shop to sell promotional items to support the school.

Anybody wants to be Kolyonkulam's storyteller?



If noone else is doing it yet, I would like to volunteer please? I've already taken a look at the village, and if a resource or two is pointed out, I can take it up asap.

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I would like to volunteer for this task. If you could tell me what it is that you want the story to show - life in the village; a difficulty that the village came up with a solution to, or particular people's life stories. Then I can come up with a list of questions for the story.

Thank you.

I could not open the document page, so if you could send me the website, I will check it out.
Have a great day
Durga Krishnan


Excuse me, but... where to send the finished stories?

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Dear Somdutta,

Happy to read that you're finished a story already! :)

You can post it here (uploading it as a file) or if you'd like, send it to

Looking forward to reading it!


Hi Gerdie

I will make a follow upn the Kabando village and will get back in due course

kind Regards

Daniel kiptoo


Hi, you can post the story here that all can see that....



Hi Daniel,

I'm the facilitator for Kabondo, so I can help with verifying info and updates on this. Don't hesitate to ask any questions!



Here are the Koliyonkulam stories. I tried to put them in frames but that somehow ended up as three separate documents O.o So it's now in one MS Word file, but each story in a different page.
I hope it has turned out okay. If there's any correction, adjustment, alteration to be made, anything at all, do let me know!