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  • Hi Romina,

    Maimuna wrote a very nice story about two friends - Muso and Simba- who are learning how to manage their sales and money. It is not exactly the story you normally see on Nabuur's home page, but it is a great leaning tool and it is written in very simple and entertaining fashion, so everybody can understand the discussed concepts- profit, time value of money, break even, investing, interest.

  • Here in Uganda it is a world of great extremes. There are countless orphans abandoned everyday all around the country; too many to count and too many to help them all , and then there are the everyday Ugandans who push their survival 30 kilometers up long impossible hills just to feed their families with the cooked banana Motoke.

  • Hi Paul,
    Thank you for introducing me to nabuur.
    I am called Okode Moses, working with orphans in soroti district specifically in serere village.
    We are under an organization called SOROTI COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT EFFORT.
    Howerver, i would like to know how i can get a facilitator too.
    Thank you

  • Hello every one,
    My name is Okode Moses, a secondary school teacher!
    I live in Uganda, Soroti district and currently dealing with issues concerning orphans.
    It is very nice meeting inspirational people like you and i believe i will fid freat help in here.
    I invite all neighbors to view our profile and give suggestions.
    Best regards,

  • My names are Josephat Nyagwaya Marwanga.
    I am a Kenyan citizen.I live in Nairobi.Am the director of Grapevine community school
    in the sewage slums.
    Am a bachelor of science degree holder in Food Science and Technology
    from the University of Nairobi.My ambition in live is to provide quality education
    to the poor in the society.I am a student at the Kenya Institute of Management,
    pursuing a diploma course in total Quality Management.I have completed part one.
    This is my project picture Showing my pupils and teachers.

  • Iam the founder of a non-profit organization called Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation.Safisha is a local Kiswahili word meaning clean.Our projects are education based to help the poor access quality education.

  • CRY OF THE AFRICAN CHILD UGANDA is looking for story writers to write stories a bout the different projects they have please if you are interested in writing please fell free to write to the program coordinator Mr.NSHEKANABO Godfrey email tell. +2567928
    Your surpport is highly wellcomed.may the lord bless u--
    NSHEKANABO Godfrey

  • --
    Hope for children kenya

  • I recently found this website on google and I would love to do video blogging on NABUUR. Let me tell that I run a youtube channel where I teach people how to do things and I have a little subscriber base. If I would be asked, I would seriously love to do story telling videos about NABUUR village and share it with my subscribers and on my youtube channel.

    Every bit helps. BELIEVE!
    The value of videos for success in businesses
    My youtube channel

  • Hi Every one, i am Linda-Claudia Nguyilan from Nigeria, i am because i believe stories make a difference and most importantly i want to learn about others and help them understand where am from and am at and use that as a key to make impact. i am happy to be here.