Every child deserves a bright future.

Gifts that empower. If you cannot feed hundred then feed one.

For impoverished families, a goat is a fantastic food and income source! One healthy female can provide more than 20 litres of milk per month and two or three kids a year, for selling or breeding. Each goat is delivered with training, and one goats can empower a family to start a herd and a flourishing dairy business. For only EUR 40, you turn the tide of poverty within orphaned children in Uganda.Support us @ http://www.1procentclub.nl/projects/gifts_that_empower_pigs_goats

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Every farm needs a number of muscovies for eggs, meat and they eat insects. Need no housing.


in have done a research on the quality of packaged water (sachet water) mostly sold in malawi and other developing nation, i will provide a dedcussion to this site.


Dear All,

We are Youths Grassroot Organization our work is to care for people affected with HIV/AIDS withing and around our community.We go into the intirior duing cancilling and advicing people to do their VCT and aslo to take their Medication if they are tested positive.

We are supported by the Cameroon Baptist Convention the CBC,but this work is difficult because we go far in ot the interior where vehecles can not go.I,m appealing for soporters to help us aquire bikes that we can be using to do this work.