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  • Ken posted this to the Sustainable Agriculture group. As it is directly related to water, I am posting it here too.

    APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY - Drilling Water Wells by Hand

    From the Introduction:

    "The purpose of this booklet is to help you to be able to use communal labor, and relatively inexpensive, and simple to make equipment to drill water wells for villages and individuals, and/or schools, clinics or other benevolent efforts you might be involved with. We are attempting to show you how to make the equipment, and how to use it once you have it manufactured.

  • Community Led Total Sanitation website

    From the site:

    The CLTS approach
    Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is an innovative methodology for mobilising communities to completely eliminate open defecation (OD). Communities are facilitated to conduct their own appraisal and analysis of open defecation (OD) and take their own action to become ODF (open defecation free).

  • I Suggest the community must create portable drinking water for them such as bore hole or well to use it.If any source of drinking water to use they must to take very good care of it either wise they would get water related diseases.Thank you.

  • Action Against Hunger has a manual for field-based solutions entitled "Water & Sanitation for Populations at Risk." The following link has the guide which can be downloaded.

    The website says:

  • Here is a great resource to help calculate how much rain you could save wherever in the world you live. All you need to do is zoom into your rooftop on the map, then draw a box on your rooftop, then click finished.

    Rainwater harvesting Calculator

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    Living Waters for the World provides most if not all of the trustable drinking water in Cuba. It is arranged through churches. The equipment needs some attention so a local committee has to be in place to maintain the system.

    ~Deborah Barry

    They have an excellent page of Links that includes a blurb about other organizations.

  • Hello Barb, thank you for the great interest in water and sanitation. we have started a Rural Health and Sanitation project here in Jinja in uganda. we would wish to share with you oppotunies about this cause and more. we are interested in working with people with interest in this work. the project starts early next month

    Anthony Mugabira

  • We should use water catchment methods like collecting rain water during rain season.

    We should assist those in villages unable to aquire a tank, buy tanks for them and fix them ready for collecting rain clean water.

    Bore holes are also needed for enough supply of water.

    Christian Age Concern Foundation Rural Development is a Christian
    humanitarian not-for-profit organization, founded in November 2008,
    dedicated to working with children, families, their communities, changing
    the world by releasing children, Aged.

  • Dear All,

    We are Youths Grassroot Organization our work is to care for people affected with HIV/AIDS withing and around our community.We go into the intirior duing cancilling and advicing people to do their VCT and aslo to take their Medication if they are tested positive.

    We are supported by the Cameroon Baptist Convention the CBC,but this work is difficult because we go far in ot the interior where vehecles can not go.I,m appealing for soporters to help us aquire bikes that we can be using to do this work.

  • Sid Child Care Foundation has recently launched a community sensitization on water sanitation and hygiene (WASH)programs to be implemented in the areas of Kawempe Division, Kampala Uganda.

    SCCF wishes to be part of this group.