1. NABUUR is registered in the Netherlands and as such operates under Dutch law.

2. The priorities and interests of the local communities are always leading.

3. NABUUR is non-political, non-religious, non-ideological and non-commercial.

4. All of Nabuur's services are offered free of charge to everyone.

5. NABUUR is run completely by volunteers. All volunteers are unpaid and offer their time and skills free of charge.

6. We embrace the diversity of our volunteers - participants owe each other respect, trust and transparency.

7. We believe that every volunteer can contribute in an important way.

8. Volunteers do not need to contribute any money toward the project(s) they are involved in. Local representatives are encouraged to refrain from attempts to solicit monetary donations from individual volunteers.

9. Nobody can guarantee results, but all participants will do their utmost.

10. NABUUR does NOT provide funding, nor do we encourage projects that focus solely on funding.

11. NABUUR does NOT accept registrations which aim to benefit private individuals. Registration will only be accepted from representatives of organizations such as a village council, self-help group, community based organization (CBO), association, sports foundation, school, hospital, social centre, co-operative, etc.

12. Nabuur is NOT able to verify that the individuals or organizations running projects are genuine. Those who register a village on Nabuur certify that the community has appointed them to act as their local representative. Local Representatives should make every effort to provide copies of their official registration via scanned photos posted to the Nabuur site. Pictures, references from others who have visited in person or who are acquainted with the project are also welcome.

13. If as a volunteer you choose to donate money to a project, it is your responsibility to request whatever verification you feel necessary.

14. Regular updates and active participation in the online discussions help ensure that the best possible assistance is provided. While this does not guarantee success - ongoing communication is an essential part of getting there.

updated 2/13/11