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Seven Swedish Guests Visit Help Liberia Foundation Community School

About five months after a three-person Swedish delegation visited Help Liberia Foundation Community School at the end of October 2013, a seven-person team visited the school last week.

Those who made the trip were Lena and Anders (they are the school’s current contact persons abroad), P-O, Elias (P-O’s fifteen-year-old son), Roger, Kerstin and Roland.

Although our visitors arrived in Buchanan on Wednesday, April 9, it was really on Thursday, April 10, that they spent almost the whole day with the kids, staff and parents of the school.

A special welcoming program was held in our visitors’ honor on that day. During the program, the director of the school, Mr. Paul Yeenie Harry, welcomed the guests and introduced them, especially the four new visitors, to the audience.

It was an eventful day, not only because the kids and staff, as well as parents, were delighted and excited to have had the guests at the school, but the guests themselves were gleeful for the opportunity they had to meet and interact with the school, especially the kids.

Each of our visitors, besides interacting with the kids in various ways, was given the opportunity to speak to the kids during the program. They encouraged the kids to continue go to school and have a better future and to know that they are Liberia’s future.

Of course, as usual, it was not all about making speeches, but also about presenting gifts brought by our visitors. They brought footballs, jerseys, football pumps, school supplies, clothes, etc. the school authority thanked the guests for the donation and called on them to continue to think about the school.

While speaking to the kids, Roger, considering the condition of the kids and their desire to learn and comparing it with his own childhood days’ experience and opportunities, cried in full view of everyone. It was a very moving moment.

During the ceremony, a female parent thanked the visitors, especially Lena and Anders, for their continuous concern for and support to the school and the kids.

At the end of the program, journalists from various media institutions came to interview the visitors about their visit and its importance to the school in Buchanan, which was later played on various radio stations on the same day.

Permit us to stop here for now. Additional information will be provided later.

Written by
Local Representative, Buchanan

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Despite the many big steps we are making, we are facing many big challenges/setbacks. Join us to counter them fully for us move forward to make big impacts. HELP US TO SOLVE SOME OF THE PROBLEMS AFFECTING OUR INCOME GENERATING PROJECT TO HELP POOR CHILDREN IN THE COMMUNITY TO REDUCE CRIME NOW & IN FUTURE> HAVE A HEALTH COMMUNITY & NATION.

We have in the recent past faced many challenges in our fish farming project. First some our mature fish died. Secondly. thousand of the fingerlings we had bred for our customers died.
This has shattered our hopes & indeed that our our children for a great future.The cost of producing & raising FISH is high & there are very big losses when they die.
We are seeking you assistance to help out in sustaining them.
We are seeking links, donation of equipments/tools & financial support to enable us solve the problems Experts/ officers indicated to us that the fish are dieing probably due to dirty water, lack of enough food & poor temperature control in the hatchery.
We therefore need a pump, water filters, heater with thermostat & good commercial/manufactured/formulated feeds for the fish.
We have a very big market both for mature fish/fillet & fingerlings. We hope that if this problem is solved we will be able to generate enough funds to support the many children in our School & do general community development.
If you can help us in ANY way, we shall be very grateful.
Bellow attached are photos of our children in NEW School uniforms, our hatchery, fish, fish feeds, vegetables & others.
You contribution will go a long way in helping our situation & hence support to the poor children & the entire community.
I look forward in anticipation to hearing from you.
Thank you.


Donate to Help Liberia Foundation Community School using PayPal

We are happy to announce that you can donate to the school using PayPal.

Donate here

As PayPal cannot be linked to a Liberian bank account, donations will go to Lena and Anders Marner in Sweden, who will arrange for the money to be transferred to the school’s account.

Lena, who spent part of her childhood in Buchanan, and Anders visited the school twice last year, and have formed a lasting connection with the children and staff.

They also run Pepper Adventure, a travel company which arranges guided trips to Liberia. The trip can include a visit to the school.

We are very grateful to them for supporting us!

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March Updates from Help Liberia Foundation Community School

As you may be aware, we have not posted any new articles since December; however, a lot of things have been happening at Help Liberia Foundation Community School since the last article. And we are pleased to share a few of the happenings with you at this point.

1. We closed on December 20, 2013, for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, and re-opened on January 6, giving students, staff and faculty the opportunity to interact for the first time in the New Year. In other words, January 6 was the day on which classes resumed after the holiday.

2. We administered the school’s First Semester Exam at the end of January. The end of the exams marked the end of the first semester.

3. We closed the school for one week (First Semester Break) and re-opened on February 10. It was the start of the second semester, which will end at the end of June. The graduation and closing program will be held on July 6.

4. The fourth period test will start on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. It will end on Friday, March 28.

5. A series of Parent-Teacher Association (P-T.A) meetings have been held since December. In fact, at one of the meetings, the parents appointed a new P-T.A leadership. The chairman is Mr. Roosevelt Karyeah, the Vice Chairman is Mr. John Zoegar, and the Secretary is Philemena Aggrey, a teacher at our school.

6. The World Food Program (WFP) has re-started donating food ration to our school. They donated the first ration in February, and it included bulgur wheat, beans and oil. There are plans for them to donate periodically.

7. Our school played its second match about two weeks ago. They played the James Teah School. Like in the first game last December, the other school beat us, too.

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James Teah School’s girls (left) and our girls (right) posing for a photo before the start of the game..jpg

New Focus for BEHOD

Jinja Central got land and we are now focusing on goat rearing and Agriculture mainly vegetables

Beam of Hope for the Disadvantaged got land now we are focusing on goat rearing and vegetable planting as a way of generating funds to support BEHOD achieve its goals.
Yes i have been down for a long time but have been fighting to see how i can uplift the well being of a disabled person.
Through this at first we gave out goats to disabled children but still it didn't work for many did not take good care of those goats which made that project to fail now we have three goats which we are breeding to so that we can help the disabled go to school.
The land that we got now we can build the school on our own land so whoever can come up to support BEHOD to achieve its Goal please we are back on line contact our facilitator.


Grapevine Hope Centre: On line Fund raising

From our December fund raising, we have been able to make very big steps. We need more support to sustain the GHC fish farming project to maturity.

our Project's Information

Project Name: sustainability-for-100-pupils-in-ghc-matopeni-nrbi

Link to our project:
If you want to use a shorter url for Twitter, SMS, or Facebook you can use:

Project Photos: Photos can sometimes take a little longer to show up. If you can't see your photos right away, please check back in an hour. Join us by donating & spreading word through your friends, workmates, family & relatives. The FUND RAISING STARTED ON SATURDAY 1/3/14 & will run UNTIL 31/3/14.
Join us now for the time remaining is limited.
Thank you very much.



Congratulations - your project report "sustainability-for-100-pupils-in-ghc-matopeni-nrbi" is on GlobalGiving!

It has been rated as 4-Very Good. Find out what that means here:

For "GlobalGiving" site, our project report is located at:

Above is a link for the project progress report.
We have scored 4 out or 5 points.Open this link to see more:
We are for sure going far from a very humble beginning.
Join our noble course & boos our efforts.
Join us in our next on line fund raising starting on Saturday 01/03/14.
Spread word among your friends, workmates, family & relatives.
Thank you.
Josephat Nyagwaya,
GHC- Projects Manager.

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Lots of Good news. From receiving donated books to establishing fish ponds.We are surely growing to great heights & we welcome you to join us.

Received a carton of books from Darien books Aid. Teacher Mary, in our School also donated some books on Chritian Religious Studies for children & staff. We raised some funds during our on line fund raising. Hope that they will help us to buy feeds for our fish. Our fish are also doing well despite many challenges.
We need support in fish breeding & feeding. We are soon or later expanding to great heights in our operations/activities.
I am inviting you to join us in this noble mission.
I wish to share with you some photos. Hope you will all enjoy them.
Thanks &welcome.

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Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings

Dear All

Wish you, your family and friends -

Merry Christmas !


Very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2014.

Thank you for your support for the " Orphan and Vulnerable Children of the School "

Sorry ! for less ! contact ! these days , as i am at the " transitional ! period " of my profession ! from " Teacher's job " i will be switching over to " Media Job or Journalist ".

At present i am doing both the professions parellely !

The teacher's job or the school session would complete on 31st March ! 2014 !

Already i have submitted my " Resignation Letter " to the school " Father Principal" ( Christian Missionary School " !

I have joined as " Trainee Journalist " from 13th September 2013 ! I am doing this profession as " Part Time " !

I would surely ! let you know the name of Media ! in April 2014 ! when i would join as " Full Timer " of " Journalist "

Surprise ! let the name of Media ! be ! till April 2014 !

These days the time is passing under great stress ! and too much of " Very Hardwork " is going on !

Almighty ! i am praying, so that he gives me strength ! to complete this transitional phase smoothly !

I have decided to change ! the focus ! of my project !

I would update ! you with all the project ! details ! as soon as possible !



HLF Community School Closes for Christmas

Our school in Buchanan, Help Liberia Foundation Community School, has closed for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

The school closed on Friday, December 20, 2013. It is a two-week break that runs from December 20, 2013, to January 6, 2014. In short, the kids will return on Monday, January 6.

The closing was marked by a program that saw students singing Christmas carols, giving recitations and so forth.

During the program, our director, Mr. Paul Yeenie Harry, encouraged the kids to take care of themselves during this festive season, saying, “You have to take care of yourselves well so that you will be able to come back here on January 6.” He also encouraged them to be more respectful, studious and hard-working in 2014.

Our plan was to buy two bales of used clothes as Christmas presents to be distributed among the kids, but we did not have the money to bring Christmas smiles on the faces of the children. We hope we will be able to do this for the kids next year.

At this junction, we would like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all those who are directly and indirectly connected to the school. As we end 2013 and start the New Year, it is our prayer and hope that the New Year will be more fulfilling for all of us.

Written by

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