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A fall out to own structures in cities that are over stretched has resulted in a myriad of challenges revolving round the socio-economic well being of inhabitants. Even though authorities are in place to monitor, guide and guard against infringements, if there are any, selfish considerations are top of the list of those, who yield transient power.

Olorunsogo, Molete, is a community in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state. This community has as its neighbours, Molusi street, from the Molete axis, Felele from the Iwo road axis and Scout camp from the Challenge axis. Beer parlours, joints, hotels, brothels and food canteens are common features within these communities. In particular, owners of the relaxation centres mostly women-married, divorced, single and separated, go beyond the sale of food and drinks. Indeed, criminality thrives in these places. In some cases, serving personnel of law enforcement agencies are owners of these hang outs, which they use as clearing houses for several illegalities. For a sizable number of residents of these communities, the fear of criminals is the beginning of wisdom. Criminals in conjunction with law enforcement agents, daily, patronize the relaxation centres. A notable spot is ''Mama Nuru's Ogogoro joint and the beer parlour behind Amoke's mall, Olorunsogo, Molete. Of serious worry, is the increasing involvement of young boys in crime. Interestingly, a number of parents have initiated their wards into the vicious circle of evil. An Okada rider, Baba Tobi and a landlady in the community, Mama Ronke, a mother of seven, best describes how parents should not bring up their children. Overtime, the duo have covertly encouraged their children to scale fences in the neighbourhood in search of valuables to pilfer. These children, without doubt, always recognize their Teachers' contribution towards their almost hopeless situation.

Indeed, the community's dairy is burdened with several unresolved incidents. One Chukuma Joseph and his wife,tenants, in a building along Kehinde Aderibigbe street, connived with some night guards to rob their Landlord. The criminals made away with an unspecified amount of money and valuables. But surprisingly, the Divisional Police (DPO,) the Investigating Police Officer connived with the leadership of the Landlords and Tenants Association to arrest the victim of the robbery,detain him and hurriedly arraigned the victim in a magistrate court(Iyaganku). When a report was made via a petition. Joseph was arrested and his Pastor came to his rescue, while the Police ensured that the leadership of the Landlords and Tenants Association enjoyed full cover. After friendly discussions with those at the state Criminal Investigation Department(CID) and the suspect's Pastor, he was released on bail and that signaled the end of the matter. Security sources hint that a considerable number of law enforcement agents have compromised their code of conduct. The Investigating Police Officer(IPO) in charge of Joseph's case, Femi Ajibade gives flesh to the statement of the security sources. Ajibade took down the statements of the complainants and the suspects, but did not visit the scene of the crime, before he took all parties in the case before a superior officer. One of the night guards involved in the crime is still at large, while the community's association worked round the clock to ensure that the case was swept under the carpet.

Again, a man in his late forties, who operated a beer parlour along Oshodi street, robbed a resident of N32, 000. Although the case was reported at the Felele Police station, the police woman who recorded the entry, preferred to put down assault, as against the complainant's report of robbery. The suspect insisted that that his immediate elder brother, was a Divisional Traffic Officer, serving at Iyana Offa Police Divisional. headquarters, one Ajala. Expectedly, the brother, later showed up to confirm the suspect's claim and facilitated his release without proper procedure. It is a known fact, that Landlords and Tenants association exist to cater for the well being of residents, but unfortunately, this is not the case in the Olorunsogo, Molete community. Indeed, night guards are not properly screened before they are hired to guard lives and property of residents by these associations. This is foot to foot with the Police claim that such night guards are never brought to the police station for introduction. In the eventuality that a crime occurs, the night guards ''evaporate into thin air'' with no hope of tracing them. Also of worry, is the fact that estate agents have also contributed a great deal to the increasing crime rate in communities. This is in their desperate bid to make quick money, they let out apartments to people of questionable character, who later on, become threats to the communities they reside in. Sadly, jobless youths, who have converted Indian hemp smoking and the consumption of the local gin 'Ogogoro' to economic palliatives, are immediate neighbours to the Chairman of the community's Landlords and Tenants association. Not surprising is the fact that these youths lack basic education. A case of threat to life reported against one Mrs Ethustmetse, a beer parlour operator, was shoddily handled by the Iyaganku area command of the Nigeria Police, simply because an acquaitance of the woman is a serving police personnel.

Even civil servants are not left out of crime. A cooperative officer with the Oyo state Ministry of Trade, Investments and Cooperatives ,one Olawoyin, forcefully gained entry into an apartment in the community and stole valuables. The police provided moral and physical support.

Helpless citizens lament that most policemen and women have fashioned out their ''own code of conduct''. They are not wrong. However, security experts warn that the number of criminally minded in the Nigeria Police Force are on the increase.

In other countries, those that endanger the lives and property of citizens are made to face justice and punishment, although this is not the case in Olorunsogo, Molete, Ibadan, Nigeria, as victims have turned to God for divine intervention.





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