A Hundred Little Blows to Break the Stone


Water flows to Gamauli! For the parents and concerned villagers in Gamauli, tackling the problems of Shree Krishna Primary School is like coming face to face with a boulder.

Situated in a very poor area of Nepal, far from the capital Kathmandu, the primary school is far from perfect. Despite the growing enrollment, the school remains small, has no electricity, no proper heating, no access to clean water and no proper toilets. Children come from poor families, and they come to school dirty and poorly dressed for the weather. It is not difficult to understand why only about 30% of the kids go on to the next level. Add to this, the World Food Programme stopped providing daily meals to the students at the school in May 2008, causing attendance to drop sharply.

That has not stopped the Gamauli local community from doing all they can and trying to turn Shree Krishna Primary School into a model school. With Min Shahi, Gamauli’s local representative, and the local community desirous and willing to improve the school, they at least hoped to provide access to drinking water, expand existing buildings, construct proper toilets and make other smaller improvements.

That hope may not be too far off. Min’s hard work at mobilizing local financing combined with a kind donor from Australia who was introduced to Gamauli’s needs through Nabuur volunteers, made it possible to build a water pipe to bring fresh water to the school and to construct a water tank and proper toilets too.

The water pipe was completed in March and although the water project is not yet complete, today, the kids of Shree Krishna Primary School already benefit from the flow of fresh water. They’ve enjoyed going to school more and keeping themselves clean using the new tap. The head teacher thinks that the fresh water has actually helped the kids become more active in the classroom. The local community is happy too. So happy that one parent could not help but ask for a picture of the Australian donor so they can hang it in their office. Of course, the community still faces a boulder. But that boulder is definitely showing cracks. It would take a few more beatings like this before it completely breaks. Gamauli village is getting there.

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