A Reason to Smile – A Success Story From Nakyerongosa, Uganda

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What a project can achieve if all parties work together, the representative and beneficiaries!

Nakyerongosa village is located in Nakyerongosa parish, Kakiri sub-county, Wakiso district in Uganda. It is found in the North western part of Wakiso district, and is 8 km from Wakiso headquarters. Like many other remote areas, Nakyelongosa lacks most of the basic services such as electricity, tele-communication and health. Nakyerongosa parish has only one main tarmac road that is Hoima road. It is not easily accessible especially during the rainy seasons, and the majority of the roads are seasonal. Due to unavailability of health care facilities, patients have to walk long distances of over 4 kilometres to seek medical care in Kakiri health centre.
Ms. Nakalema Janet, a resident of Busujja village in Nakyerongosa parish narrated her story, thus: “Before the integrated community managed water hygiene and sanitation improvement project started in our village, we tried our level best to keep our homes clean but for the children it was not easy. Young children do not think about washing their hands after going to the latrine. As adults, we also had little knowledge on hygiene and sanitation.” However, Nakalema has a reason to smile.
Nakyerongosa village went online on nabuur and since then many people of goodwill have given the village a lot of ideas through the local village representative. Through the support of COMASA field team, “many things have changed in my home. I can see a very big difference in my family. I have a dish rack for proper washing and storage of utensils, and no longer have to wash on the ground. The latrine has also improved, and is used and maintained properly. The tippy tap which is used for washing hands is always filled with water, and my family is no longer careless with washing their hands after using the latrine”.
“Through the project, I was able to get a rainwater jar, and this has reduced on the money I spend on buying water. In Nakyerongosa parish, we have only 14 wells that are functioning and there are 4,191 people. My children no longer have to walk very far to fetch water. I also spend more time with them unlike before. My husband could not bother to assist me with housework, but thanks to the project, things have changed nowadays and I am currently saved from too much load that I had before. I can find time to rest now.”

“I have noticed that through improving my household, I am no longer spending a lot of money and time caring for sick children. I used to spend almost money on “boda boda” (motorcycle taxi) almost every month to take children to Kakiri Health Centre. I am now sure that when I keep my house and surroundings clean then diseases do not affect my family. I am extremely pleased with the project and my family will continue participating in the project and also maintain what we have acquired. I do appeal to nabuur to continue working with our representative to assist many other households in our parish”.
Ms. Nakalema and some of the beneficiaries are involved in follow up visits to households in the community to assess the impact of the project and to also spread the gospel about hygiene and sanitation improvements.

This article was written by the Local Village Representative as told by Ms. Nakalema Janet.

The Power of Play


6 young men line up and start singing. “This is a song about HIV/AIDS”, Mpoya explains. “This group performs at schools, to make the kids aware of HIV/AIDS, education and other subjects.” And they’re good at it. One song later quite a crowd has gathered: students from the adjacent secondary school, to which the boys belong as well.

The songs are followed by a play. A young girls’ father dies of AIDS, her mother can’t take care of her, so her aunt comes in to help. Things are not working out well, the girl drops out of school. Still auntie tries to keep up appearances: she is bossy, manipulative, rolls her eyes, clacks her tongue and shakes her hips to great amusement of the audience. When eventually small bricks are served for dinner, the crowd roars with laughter! Then mother comes in with a representative of Hope Alive Uganda, who sends the girl back to school. All’s well that ends well.

And just in time: clouds have packed over our heads; the wind starts blowing and a thunderstorm breaks loose. Like a grande finale to a powerful play.

Paul Bulenzi and Pelle Aardema visited Kisozi on 19 February 2009

Monica visits Arrow Web Hospital


On Saturday, Bramuel and the staff at Arrow Web Hospital welcomed Monica Smith from the United States of America. Bramuel provided her with a tour and introduced her to the hospital staff.

Monica is presently living and working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Botswana. She is also a returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Kenya and a member of Friends of Kenya. If you recall, back in September, Friends of Kenya provided funding to Arrow Web Hospital so that they could purchase the beds required to achieve level C accreditation status under NHIF.

Impressions of Arrow Web Hospital

Monica emailed me following her visit and said "We had a wonderful and interesting visit and were very impressed with the work Bram and the staff are doing for the community. It was very interesting for me to learn of nabuur and what you have done for Arrow Web."

Monica was also very complimentary to our team of dedicated volunteers and wanted you all to know what a difference your work has made to improve the services offered at the hospital.

Nabuur's newest volunteer

I am happy to welcome Monica as one of Nabuur's newest volunteers!! We welcome you with open arms to our team and look forward to your friendship and input as we move forward.

National Volunteer Week

Monica has sent several pictures from her visit that we also wanted to share with you to start of National Volunteer Week right! Thank you to each and every one of you for all that you have done to support Bramuel and the rest of the staff at Arrow Web Hospital. You truly are making a big difference in the lives of the local community.

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