The new site is getting ready...

Hi all,

The last couple of weeks all the functional items for the new site have been completed!
You can find a chat function, wiki’s, projects with steps and tasks…. Next to that Gertjan, a volunteer from the Netherlands, has given the site a NABUUR look & feel.

In four weeks time we should be able to have the new site up!

There are still a number of things that don't work exactly the way they should (call them 'glitches' if you like). Next to that the wording & names aren't correct yet and also the look and feel has some sharp edges.

We're working on taking out the known errors as soon as possible. If you find any glitches, let us know here:


The next to weeks will be spent on:
- Going through the site, making sure the texts and the menu's are in order.
- General content, such as the 'Support' pages and the 'News' section will also be created.
- Translators can start translating these pages into French, Spanish, Dutch and any other required language.
- The 'techies' will work on migrating the content of the current NABUUR site to the new site.

The final development cycle will then be used for finding and repairing bugs. We could even organise a real bughunt!!

The new site should go live on the 24th of June. This will still be a beta version, the rest of the year is reserved for improvements and adding new functionality.

Add your bit to this site
Have you found a glitch? Please report it !
Things are in the wrong place? Share your ideas!

Looking forward to your feedback!