Implementation of Business Plan for Income generation and psychosocial support for war orphans

When the youth were handed over to the community they were provided with clothing and matrasses. However the community has discovered that these youth need psychosocial support and income generating activities to be able to settle well in society.

The first step is to develop an action plan using existing examples as input.

The first thing is to gather ideas for the project and specifically the Vocational Institute and determine:
- what services will be provided
- what materials will be needed
- who will be able to assist with this work.

Well done Alex :) I hope it goes well!



Adyaka village have signed a memorundum with world vision uganda to provide support to the young people in adyaka via training and skill developmentin areas like bakery, babe rshops,ox plough,agric production using new farming methodology.


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Hello neighbours

We hope easter holiday past well with all of u like wise in adyaka .we are attaching here a new document for your review and please we need your comment on these document so that we can ammend it accordingly although we are currently working without a facilitator we shall still make it.

Warmst Greetings from Adyaka
Enon Alex


Dear neifhbours,

Thanks to u all ,its long since we update the entire web,this is because we are now engage in an area where internet is a problem but we shall begin using a phone .

we in adyaka as members of tyhe communitry have started a savings and credit society organisation where our vulnerable children can borrow money and start small enterprenurs business[income generation]like welding, machine niting,furniure workshop to enable them settle well in the ciommunity after a long war of the LRA in northern ugand.The uganda government has also come eith a development programe of PRDP which will support and enhance sustainable development in incime generating acitvity to the people who suffered from the war of northern uganda and we hope we shall be able to excell but we request you all to help facilitate our village at the nabuur in terms of volunteer

we will keep updating u
enon alex