The adyaka village will soon get cosignment of goods...

The adyaka village will soon get cosignment of goods worth millions of shs from the uk by our former facilitator Dr richard priestley.Thank u all 4 your tremendous contribution N lets work in solidarity against poverty.ENON ALEX.

Dear one to serving humanity.
Greet you and yours
Have you recieved the goods from Uk ?
May be you can apply for tax exemption from the minisrty of finance.
If you are not careful enough you may find a problem of paying taxes,and yet you would have got that chance.
Thanks for work done to humanity.


Member organisations ,people like wamala can advice adyaka better on how to apply for tax exemption from the ministry of finance, planning and economic development .Alternatively one can use

Enon Alex


Hi Alex

Hope things are going well?

You could try talking to Paul Bulenzi, LR of Jinja Central as they have managed to import things without paying tax. From memory, I think they had to get a letter saying that the items were a donation to a registered NGO. Alternatively, Fred or Sabbath will probably know (or know where you can find out).



Dear Neighbours,

We are making prior consultation with ugandan government authority and from the phone calls we have made we have been assured that the goods will be safe only that we will be required to produce documents indicatining that adyaka is a registered organisation in uganda.So lets wait and see but we will keep you updated on any Development at a glance.

We really thank every one for your continued support,may God bless u all .

Enon Alex