Meet the neighbours

For the first time I am here and so is another. It seems we both have the same idea. I will move to the business group if that is necessary. terae


Yes, I would be available for the training group. I need some clarification on exactly what we are doing and I would be happy to begin. As I've written before, there are some very great programs out there and I think we need to gather the information in a comprehendable way.


hallo Richa,

i ammore than happy to take up the responsibility of the training group.pliz avail the document on the roles and responsibilities and i shall take it from there.



As I am going to be in Kampala 28th June to 25 th July I had already discussed with Enon Alex thet we should meet when I am there and he felt that was a good idea .I wanted to suggest that as a number of other neighbours also live in Uganda that it would be very good and helpful if we could meet together some time during that time to discuss this project and what w e can do . I will be based at The International Hospital in Kampala - 041 340531.
What do you think about this idea? If you feel it will be useful please let me know and we can fix some arrangements .

best wishes



Dear Richa
I would like to suggest to u that u try to contact neighbours personally and assign them that responsibility pending acomplishment [leader of the twogroup].

I think that way would bebetter because each one of them is hoping that afriendwould take but invain yet time for submission of the results is due. I suggest neighbours like ,Estherlwanga of unitede state,Hinda yousat of pakistan,Alice starky of uk,jenifferof canada,Doloresos usand others can handle that information but need to be contacted officially by u [facilitator]

Hopeu will do all your best to see that those two groups have their leaders,you can alsotry Anad of india he is alsoactive

Enon Alex


Please come forward... am not hearing from anyone.


Terae...Sarah...owachgiu jeanmarie... woild it be possible for you to take the responsibility of any group...
am working on a document which would detail our role and duties
But before that its very imp that somebody takes the ownership of these two group..



Hi everybody
All of you must have recieved Richard's newsletter wherein he has mentioned formation of 3 work groups

1.Social psycho support group
3.Business services

I am taking care of social support group. I need volunteers to take care of the other two groups. Is there anybody to take the responsibiliy..

Richa Rai


Dear neighbours
I would like to clarify to u that there are three sites which the information can be posted,social talk,example of the project and draft proposal .Pliz feel free and post your information any where u find most convinient and i think it would be good to schedule chats and inform me to participate together with the group members .

That way exhusting information and drawing conclusion would be easy on some issues as we cope up with time allocated for submission.

warmst regards 4 u all,Let's tighten our belt

Enon Alex [local ref -adyaka]


Owachgiu Jeanmarie,
I, too, have found it difficult at times to follow the threads. There are 3 places to post ideas here. It seems many are posted here, under "social talk." It is also helpful to check the "issues" tab, under which are 2 issues and seems ideas are posted there as well. I thought the idea of a scheduled chat time for us to talk to each other would help make it esier to follow the discussion and clear up exactly what new information we need.

Richard or Richa, Is this still in the works? It seems we have together amassed a lot of info. but need to sort through what is important and relevant as well as clarify our goals.


pliz richa lets chat m2morrow in adyaka villaga site to give u infor which U EXPECTED LONG TIME FROM ME


Hallo neighbours?

hina i would like to join your group of training and would like to know how i can contribute.


i have been following all the writings of others here but i have failed to find the chronology in the message. i thought i would first stay silently and study the way people write messages here and later on join in but i have failed. most messages don't thread up with each other so i don't know how to start. may be richa may help me out.


I'm glad to be a part of your psychosocial group! I've been working on finding information for the project and will let you know how everything is going soon!

How are you doing? Please feel free to send me a message if there's anything else you'd like for me to do.

Thank you!


Hi Anad
I had been trying to send the information u requested but i was getting techinical problem from the village web site which i think the nabuur have worked it out.

Let me begin withresources available;
-we have the AODI as a community to manage the project
-Land donated by the community for the vocational institute
- Strong community support for the vocational institute
Prefessionals with skills such as accountant,social workers,technician,managers, etc who are really willy to serve the community with the knowledge in vocational training.And the resources to take this further have been thought to include ;
-finding financial support
- identifying training materials
-designing a vocational institute
-determining equipment neededfor trainging and acquiring them
-adice on operational issues
-experience in similar project
-experience in developming a smsll sustainable income generating project like this..........

2-Need assesment which was done by AODI still indicate strong community need for a vocational institute and we are determined to carry forward their needon income geration training ie VTI

3-Educational status of the target beneficiary ranges from primary 5,6 ,7 and secondary drop out with ages ranging from 13 on wards.

4-Target population is about 200 and we are very much aware of the posibilityof swelling in the number of applicant coming for training but still our priority will be the 40 orphans which were returned to the community from captivity.

5-Geographical location of adyaka; its located in the savanah grassland of northern uganda which has experience insergency for 2 decades now and some of its people still lives in camps[idp] upto now w ith aorphans being the most affected. In northern uganda today one of nine children are orphans as a result of war and Hiv/aids.

6-Living style in the village adyaka is quite unique where families still stay and live in one single hut for fear of abduction and any harrasment by the remaining rebles and depend on food aid ,living a meserable life though some at home.
7Life in general is alarming with high rate of death,people are poverty stricken ,lacks most of the essential needs ,lacks proper source of income beside small cultivation and animal rearing which has realy been devastated by the war.

I hope this infor will help the groups as you hand your issues esp in risk analysis

Iam always readily available so pliz do not hessitate to contact me for any clarification that u may need.

Wishing the best