Peter Okello Egoni at Meet2Connect in Kampala

Peter Okello Egoni attended the Meet2Connect event in Kampala on 21 February. Here's what he has to say!

"consulting one another, that is teamwork"


Workshops: USA - TX, MS, FL, CA, AR, NM, WA; México, Rep. Dominicana, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Honduras, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Haití, England, Nicaragua, India, Uzbekistan, South Africa

Workshops in organic, no-till, permanent-bed gardening, mini-farming, livestock mini-farming,
using drip or bucket drip irrigation, worldwide, in English & Español

Self-Supported Schools

Schools: They should be established everywhere and self-sustaining. Education is the solution to poverty. Gardening should be taught in grades 1-12. The benefits are proven. Train students in various skills. “Our organization helps kids from poor families across Africa, Asia and South America to get quality education. We work with schools to create new sources of income. Students get ‘hands-on’ involve-ment and learn practical skills and entrepreneurship”. No tractor or farm machinery needed.

 The Learning Farm, Indonesia.
 S. F. Agriculture School, [English]
 Colonia Pirai high school, Bolivia [USA]
 [India] [helps families, self-supporting students/evangelists]
 School Project - financially self-sustaining. Ron Stiff
 [available on 5 DVDs. Free to developing countries] Do-it-yourself plans for doing just about anything are here.

Micro-credit -

High Schools: They should be established and then self-sustaining. Students work but take longer to graduate.

Suggestions for profit-making:

1. gardening, mini-farming
2. farm value-added products
3. livestock mini-farming
4. farmer’s market
5. retail store/market stall [school products]
6. Pedal/hand thresher
7. Pedal/hand pump
8. bucket drip irrigation kits
9. DVD/book selling
10. Welding shop
11. carpenter shop
12. Computers on 12 v.
13. Computer time rental
14. Cell phone time rental
15. composting business
16. Vermicomposting
17. composting toilets
18. sewing
19. clothes washer/hand
20. pot-in-pot food coolers
21. papyrus sanitary napkins
22. soil/cement brick
23. soil/cement roof tiles
24. fish production
25. arts and crafts
26. recycling business
28. solar water heaters
29. solar food driers
30. solar battery chargers
31. solar cookers
32. solar heating
33. solar water purifier
34. solar lighting [schools, homes]
35. sandals from old tires
36. Pedal/hand grinder
37. Maize tortilla making
38. bicycle mechanic
39. bicycle trailer making
40. bicycle delivery service
41. B sales trailer: food, drinks, farm products, etc.
42. BT cargo carrier
43. BT delivery service
44. BT taxis [2 or 4 adults]