Find TYPEWRITERS for the school

Status: Finished

In 2008 the school started to teach the students to type. This is a useful skill which could lead to employment after leaving school.

They use manual typewriters, the most practical option in Buchanan as the town has no mains electricity and few computers. To expand the programme, they need about 20 more machines.

A used typewriter costs about $75 in Liberia, so it would be preferable if we can find someone to donate them.

Please help us find organisations or companies that could donate new or used manual (not electric) typewriters to the school.

Ideally we would like to find organisations that are able to donate the typewriters and pay the shipping costs as well. If that is not possible, ideas on how we could meet those costs would be very welcome.

Dear All,

You’re really all talking facts. There is nothing that came out easily we go through ups and down towards our success. I consider all your posts so great and wonderful and thank you for doing that.
Paul Yeenie Harry put it and said, “It's true that it's extremely difficult for these big or assisting organizations to reply or assist, but that shouldn't cause us to give up”. So lets keep moving and trying towards our goal and it will reach our turn like testimonies from our fellow villagers.

Now Lets have a look at Foundation and Hope at its low level but will one time be looked as one of great organization. The Center being a community development project will have prime objectives of:
**** Catering and providing vital primary education.
**** Orphans center and education facilities to orphans, vulnerable and impoverished children.

****Health Care facilities integrated with orphanage

**** Spiritual programmes, to the targeted groups.

**** Provide clean drinking water (boreholes and channel water to new facilities and preserving rainwater for irrigation purposes)

**** Offer professional technical training courses on Computers, information technology (IT) and tailoring to the deprived community to alleviate poverty.

The Idea behind the launchement of the project is to improve the important but neglected issues affecting our daily lives. Ignorance is the major challenge leading to these other challenges like poverty, hunger and diseases and illiteracy which has undermine social and economic development but has natured early marriages, war, prostitution, drug abuse, Hiv/Aids and more attention / concentration to traditional cultures in expense of modern education. The core will get to the bottom of the above point out issues/challenges in playing a significant responsibility towards humanizing social ethnicity and economic status of the community. In order to fulfill these project objectives, we are appealing for funds from charitable organizations, sponsors, humanitarian organizations, individuals, well-wishers, funding agencies and government grants for the necessary physical and financial resources to rationalize for the key fixed and variable expenses.


1. Lack of necessary physical and financial resources to start and develop the project.

2. Neglect, mistreatment and stigmatization of the victims.

3. Convincing the communities to accept the prime role of education and to enroll their children of the same.

4. Lack of information by poor culture presentation and poor infrastructure.

5. Acquiring willing donors to fund this noble good vision for the community.

6. Lack of evangelistic effort tools equipments and materials for workshops, seminars, guiding and counseling.

7. Lack of clean drinking water, community training institute training and Lack of confidence knowing their HIV/Aids status in fear of consequences i.e. stigmatization.


1. To start a children's home and provide basic needs and education.

2. To develop and add the learning facilities: Like, Classes, Laboratories, Library, Sewing Machines and computers.

3. To find office space and obtain office equipments.

4. To start income generating projects e.g. Business, Bee Keeping, Poultry rearing and Photography.

5. To turn our innovative ideas and approach into sustainable social change organization and to purchase public address and musical instruments.

6. Extension of spiritual programmes and the power of positive living, provide health care facilities, dangers of the drug abuse and substances awareness programmes.

7. To incorporate a comprehensive guidance and counseling center, and launch a community training institute, drill bore holes in order to have adequate water for the project operation.

8. Seek charitable organization, willing individuals, schools and churches to achieve the project objectives.


Long – Term Objectives:
1. To eradicate illiteracy poverty and diseases affecting the community.

2. To discourage cultural practices and embrace the power of positive living.

3. To endow / empower future professionals with basic skills to undertake modern economic and advance with technology.

4. To upgrade the community on social, cultural and economic sector.

5. To empower the community through evangelistic, guidance and counseling efforts.

Short – Term Objectives:
1. Seek funds for the project.

2. Identify and support orphaned children and destitute youths.

3. To establish educational and training community based centers to support and train the targeted groups.

After reading Foundation and Hope information, do you find how you can help Foundation And Hope Project? Can you volunteer in anyway? What ideas Can You share with us. I am very happy to hear from you all.



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Thanks for the congratulatory message.

Hope you doing well, buddy.



Thanks Mary,

Obviously, our country is replete with the treasures of natural beauty & some historical places are also there which encourage tourists to pay visit & enjoy the days that are spent in Pakistan.


Adnan Khan


Thanks Adnan, yes its great news :)

I like your profile picture - you do have some amazing scenery in your country!



Hi Paul & Mary,

Congratulations!!! for fruitful results.


Adnan Khan


Thanks for the info, Mary. Many thanks to Geoff for his unrelenting effort in securing the machines for the school.

I would also like to thank all those would, one way or another, participated in the process/exchanges that landed us the machines. We are pleased that we succeeded in obtaining these tools. Thanks a lot, Geoff!

Once again, many thanks to all.



Hi everyone

Geoff is in the process of arranging for the typewriters and sewing machines to be transported from TWAM to Springwater in Henley. This should be done within the next week or so.

Thanks to Geoff, we now have the typewriters and sewing machines, so I am closing the two tasks.

Geoff, please post any future updates on transport to Henley and the onward shipping to Liberia under PROJECT ROOM - General project updates and information.



Hey, Geoff!

Did you say 10 typewriters and 10 sewing machines? No, wait! My eyes can't believe what they are reading. I think I have to clean my eyes and read the message once more. :)

Wow, Geoff! This is fulfilling and wonderful news. I danced in my flat for a few seconds upon reading your update. We can't wait to see those items landed at the school. Thanks for your effort, buddy!

The hitch now is how to get the items from Ipswich to Henley on Thames. I hope we will be able to find immediate assistance from willing hand.


Hi Geoff

That is good news from TWAM :)

I am in UK, but unfortunately in the wrong part of the country, and don't drive, otherwise I would go and get the stuff! Any other neighbours got ideas?

Am wondering if TWAM are able to arrange for it to get delivered to Henley, although I suspect we would have to pay for this? Do we know total size/weight, and when it needs to be there?

I know you are British, but don't think you are here any more. If they want to sort it all out with someone who is here, let me know.

Good luck with Buchanan Renewables, maybe you will be lucky there too with the generator :)


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Well folks - I finally have an answer from TWAM. Can any one sort out the logistics of getting them from Ipswich to Henley on Thames?

Here is the good and bad news-

Apologies for the delay, currently we are having difficulty keeping up with
our own requests but we are able to let you have 10 typewriters and 10
Manual Sewing Machines.

Please let me know when you would like to collect them

Martin Humphries
Executive Director
Tools with a Mission
Also, I'm in a discussion with Don Durand of Buchanan Renewables. It goes like this:

On 10-09-25 1:35 PM, "Pat & Geoff Brown" wrote:

> Hi, Don
> My name is Geoff Brown and I dedicate some of my free time working with my
> colleagues at Nabuur ( trying to facilitate the needs of those
> who are less advantaged that myself.
> I've been looking on your and various other web sites on the subject of
> power supplies for the Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan
> but there seems little info on when electricity will be again available.
> These guys are appealing for manual typewriters and sewing machines and I
> would have thought that the 21st century could provide something better.
> Can you give me any idea?
> Geoff Brown


Thanks for your note -

We hope to have Power in Monrovia in 24 months. Construction will hopefully
start in November of this year.

As for Buchanan, feasibility studies have been conducted and we hope to have
central power in Buchanan within three years.

Yes, a long long time away when your needs are now. But as you know, things
take a long long time to get done in Liberia.

I wish you the best of luck.



Thanks for your quick response.

I don't suppose your company would like to sponsor an electrical generator
for the school to bridge the gap? It would be an ideal and very relevant
vehicle to promote the corporate image, don't you think?


Geoff Brown

I await his response


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that is nice, its up to this level. keep on and see they Benefit Geoff.


Thanks for the feedback. Please do nothing yet. I'll continue to chase.

Re Power I thought I'd write to the CEO of Buchanan Renewables to see if.........
What do you guys think?

I watched the The Vice Guide To Travel - Liberia yesterday!!!!



Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the update. There might be something good at the end of the day.

Concerning Springwater's question to you (about how much space we need), I think it will depend on what items, and how many of each items, the organizations you are contacting are willing and able to donate.

Regarding the diesel generator, it's a great idea, but there're no ideas about sponsorship at the moment. As Mary indicated, we are trying to raise on Betterplace some funds (425 EUR) for desks. We have only managed to raise about 10% of the amount.

Take care, buddy, and thanks for your continuous involvement.



I think it will be wise if you still complete the form, for it will show your committment on how much you need those things. and words from Geoff will only go to support your request.



Hi Geoff

Many thanks for the update, still sounding very promising :)

According to the TWAM site, they have an application procedure for tools, so am unsure whether Paul would need to complete their application form, or whether you have been able to give them all the info they need? Hopefully they will reply to you next time, and that will become clearer. If you and Paul have not already agreed a definite list of items, it May also be worth him having a look through their list of available items at to see if there is anything extra that would be useful.

Unfortunately I don't really have any ideas on sponsorship for a generator, others may do though. Paul is currently trying to raise money for desks for the school via Betterplace (more info on that to come soon), so there would need to be a decision on priorities if wanting to fundraise for this too. Do you have an idea on likely costs, and whether it cheaper to buy and ship it, or to get one in Liberia at some point in the future? Then there will be running costs to consider too.

Paul, what are your thougths?