Background: Busukuma

Our project

Project background

  • You are wrlcome to our village Busukuma and iam glad that you have decided to come and join us here so that we work to gather.

  • In Busukuma, a huge majority of people living down there die of malaria. It should not happen as prevention and treatment is truly possible. However, until now, the awareness of prevention measures and treatment options is low.

Village facts

  • Busukuma is a village found in Uganda Africa continent ,it is 15 miles away from the capital Kampala and it is in a province known as Wakiso...

  • This village was made up of Bantu people who orriginated from south africa, people speak Luganda as their main language.

  • People here speak luganda and they are agriculturalist ,they are hard workng people and...

  • people are intrested in making matts,...