Buterere Community Development Centre (BCDC)

Status: Stalled

The Buterere Community Development Centre (BCDC) offers no cost services to the impoverished residents of Buterere. In a rented building, BCDC offers a place for healing and low cost, maximum impact activities including family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention, leadership courses, nutritional education, arts programs etc. BCDC continues to plan and fundraise for a wider range of programs and more support for the local community. Through national and international partnerships, and with the support of online volunteers and local professional volunteers, the BCDC is moving forward.


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Needs urgent helpHelp to fundraise for Buterere projects262011-02-09 16:25Two weeks or more
Needs urgent helpPromote our project at: http://www.givemeaning.com/proposal/buterere102009-08-07 17:24Less than an hour
In progressHelp raise $12,400USD to ship a container of books132009-07-12 14:34
StalledHelp search for schools, agencies, etc to share the cost of shipment102009-07-18 17:43Less than an hour
Needs urgent help Social web with payment solutions in mobile phones to address power & foods poverty 102013-10-17 07:14Two weeks or more

Step 2

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Not started yetFind ideas of micro loans and examples for jobs/business opportunities 32015-11-10 14:52
Just startedIdentify programs to be held at BCDC to generate revenue102009-08-30 09:36
Not started yetCreate plans for training to target community needs02009-06-26 20:38

General tasks

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedCompile List of Resources102010-03-17 20:06Two hours
In progresssearch for international NGO's who could donate or sponsor these projects142015-11-26 11:39Less than an hour
Finishedcreate social networking profile for Buterere projects 12009-07-16 20:28Less than an hour
In progressCreate journal/blog articles about BCDC projects for online blog142011-02-08 08:23Two hours