Three Volunteers needed in Butikiro

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Three volunteers are invited to work with local people in Butikiro and surrounding areas.
The volunteers will be expected to work with local people in any of the following areas:

1. Promoting the Fruit and Vegetable Growing for Sustainable Livelihoods initiatives
2. Promoting modern Beekeeping initiatives.
3. General community and resource mobilisation, facilitation, networking and partnership initiatives

The projects area is located in Kiyuni parish, Gayaza Sub County, Kiboga district in Uganda about 150 kms from Kampala city. Working at this area requires working and living in a local African surrounding. The volunteer will be provided with housing within the project area. Water and basic food needs will also be provided. The volunteer will also work or occasionally move to Kiboga town about 40 kms away where there are more facilities. In addition a small town is away about 20kms from the project area. Kiyuni is accessible with public transport. The minimum stay of three months and maximum stay of six months is recommended.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Please contact us at:
Sustainable Livelihoods International Uganda
P.O. Box 8264, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256-78-217-0414

As a Helping Hand to the less privilege, the charity organisation of THE TRINITY HELPING ORGANIZATION has come up with a scheme to help the less privilege, financially downgraded, poor income earners, unemployed and small business owners seekin


A three day workshop will teach farmers organic, no-till farming in permanent beds using bucket drip irrigation during the dry season. I have done it many times.

Tue, Dec 30, 2008

Dear Ken,

Thank you for all the DVD’s you sent me. Thank you for all the info. I am applying it in my own vegetable patch. It is working. Got half a pocket of potatoes off a square metre. So would imagine about 10 pounds per square yard. This off previously dead low, carbon soil. Sure next crop will be better. Got yams coming up on same spot already. Want to plant herbs and spices. I will send photos.

Your advise is so simple. People do not believe me when I tell them. I am so excited about growing things now. This coming from a commercial plum farmer. May you be blessed this holy season a thousand times more than you blessed me with you help.Jeremy Karsen,

Project room: Kyomya, Uganda
We have been working on improving farming techniques for almost a year. Unfortunately, the farmers are planting small plots of land that only feed their family. There is no other choice but to try new techniques to improve the output of their plot. Ken Hargesheimer suggested the "no till" farming techniques as well as the "drip system". Both have proven effective at increasing production by at least 5 fold. The time is now for Kyomya to become a model agricultural village. []


aim the local representative of spring valley slum village situated in soweto.we are working under un privillaged and destitute children.we are also assisting widows to operate small scale bussines.We have very few resources to do these tarks and we are appelling to you if you can assist us finacially or materially.
Hope tyou will acknowledge my request.


Dear Sir / Madam,
Sustainable Livelihoods International Uganda

Its with great pleasure that I've just come across this task. Being that I have some free time from next week, deep inside my heart, I concerned and willing to offer a short term volunteer work.
Just in case you may need my services for a very short time, I'm willing to volunteer for a period of 25 five days, starting from 10th of this month.

Just for your information:
- I am a Congolese(DR Congo) National currently living in Kenya with my newly wedded Kenyan wife.
- I work with a local NGO(name withheld for privacy) as field officer,
- I am a Community Development part time student at The Kenya Polytechnic University College
- Am a UN Online Volunteer,

I will appreciate if you get back to me the soonest possible so that I can start making travel arrangements to enable me fulfill my tasks within the strict period that I have committed.

Hoping to work with you soon,

Pascal Mulindwa B. N
Po.Box 50095 City Square 00200 Nairobi
Mobile: +254-736512780 or +254-725315090


Hello Mr. Mulindwa
Marsha is the Local Rep. for Butikiro from SLINT. He will be very interested in your offer to help as a volunteer. I'm sure that he will be in touch with you as soon as he can. Rick Ellis


Dear Mr. Mulindwa,

Thank you so much for the kind interest in volunteering in Butikiro village.
I will be emailing you to give you the volunteer terms of reference in relation.

Best wishes,
Denis Marsha Kabuuka