News: Chibolya

Goverment letter of committment

Hello all,
I should mention that chibolya to this end has really achieved many results and one of it is securing goverment &local letter for our support.We hope to achieve more results together.

ceho officialy registered.

Hello all,
CEHO is offically registered as community based and this is a great achievement so far.It has been a touph moment during this battle but great we have won.

ceho registered community based.

Hello all,Plse you are all informed that CEHO has offically been registered community based organisation and the Registration no:ORS/102/535 under the Registrar of societies under the govt laws of zambia.

school opened in chibolya

Hello all,
The school has been opened in chibolya which is our step a head in our...

mazabuka floods

Hello all,
Plse be informed that Mazabuka villages have been flooded in the last two weeks due to heavy rains in the area.This is in the western part of mazabuka known as ITEBE.Disaster management unit is already in the area to riscue the victims.

Party preparations upfront

Hallo,Plse the party preparations have begun.This is because we are currently running out of time.The organising committee and the village members are busy down there making every effort to make it happen.

A plot of land donated for the school.

One of our achievements in chibolya is the plot of land donated for the school building.The local people have seen this project worth of development they gave us land and drawings are underway to realise this goal despite having no...

chrismas party for children

Hello all,
This is to inform you all that we are planning to have a chrismas party for chibolya children.All the information will be put on site soon as we finish the budget and everything need to make it a success.

Project Description

Hello all
We finished another task in our project!

project plan completed.

Hello all,
The final operational plan has been completed.All the budgets for the project has drawn.

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