Update On Our Progress as of 3/16/11

"It has been long since I submitted a report on nabuur. But is due to lack of internet our area. And this is the biggest challenge we are facing because we are unable to communicate with the rest of the world.

We have received some funds for our Library from an immigrant who is based in South Africa and also we have received 4 DVDs from CD3WD containing assorted books which are of help to developing nations like Zambia. Thanks to Mr Alex Weir of cd3wd (www.cd3wd.com) and also TWAM is sending assorted tools including 4 computers and printers in may this year.

This year we are building a green house for seed multiplication. The challenges are we need no paper to have hard copies on shelf and also cartridges.

So far we have managed to open 4 Mini Libraries in four different villages with a help from an imigrant who is based in South Africa who has been sending money to help us buy paper and other stationary but this time his contract is coming to an end in in june and he said because of this he will stop contributing.

A combination of knowledge on simple technologies(Books), best farming Methods (books)and the availability of tools from TWAM will make a very big impact on poverty reduction and increase income at household level.

Kindly post our News UPDATE ON Nabuur

Best Regards

Patrick Chabu"