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The Awareness Program, Projects, seminars and camps about “Alternative Healing Systems” in your locality

Now days the main issue in world is “Perfect Health”, a perfect health can make a good and healthy human being. An unhealthy person can’t be “perfect” in the aspect of mental, spiritual, physical status. We can develop our social, educational and financial status by increasing our common health awareness program, because a mentally and physically healthy person can think better than a sick one.
The health awareness programs should be “Holistic” and “Natural”. Here I refer to “Art of Living”, which promotes the concepts “Natural Health”. A clean mental, physical and spiritual health is the social & moral right of every individual..
By expansion of a comprehensive and integral approach on holistic healing system or Alternative healing system, the main information regarding “Alternative Healing methods” and its value and benefits can be spread

Definition: - “Self Dependence in Matters of Health” is the main objective of Natural Healing System. Without any chemicals, drugs and medicine how we can stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically? This is the topic here. Keep in mind that “prevention is better than cure”, so “Attack the Disease Before that Attacks You”.

Why this “Alternative Healing Systems”? – This is natural, there are no side effects, it cures the disease from the root, it is priceless or very cheap, these are ancient healing systems, and it enhances both the mental and physical health.

What is Alternative Healing Systems: - Acupressure, Magneto Therapy, Yoga, Herbs, Color Therapy and many more Natural Therapies.

What we should do: -
1. Planning for good projects on Alternative Healing Systems.
2. Arrangement and organizing different types of awareness programs or camps in your area with the help of experts.
3. For students and kids some interactive classes or programs in school or in village should be done.
What are the benefits: -
1. Eradication of diseases from the relevant area to build up a disease free world.
2. Solution of unemployment problem in by cultivating herbals, setup alternative health clinics, training centers, research centers etc.
3. Increasing work ability in corporate sector and general office environment.
4. Cutting down medicine expenses and use the money for fruitful work.
5. This is the best Alternatives for the Mankind Covering in the Distress of Disease and Expensive Medicine with after effects so adopt it and work on it.

Dr.Sambit Pattanaik


I am a catholic priest. and a new member. I am also helping the handicaped youths, helping the poor students for studying those who are staying in hill area


Hi Niyati,
This is to inform u that one of your contact Mr Shijo Thiomas visited us this morning and personally saw the work we r doing. He has promised to prepare a project report and presentation .
Tks a lot for this great help. God bless you


Hi thre,

It is so good to hear your enthusiasm in helping us. I welcome all of your suggestions. I would like to remind you that this forum is used sparinglyng. The forums under the issues are much more active. I encourage you to contribute your ideas over there and help us. Thanks again.


Dear Ones,
I m new to nabuur. I chose Cochi to be my village because here were people working for a cause dearer to my heart than any other. Working with mentally retarded children.
The first link i clicked on was the one that led to 'suggest an improved program for the kids here'.
In my limited capacity, i will always want to meet these children in person and then device a strong, efficient and largely 'edutainment' kind of content as their curriculum. Improvisation on an existing plan of rehabilitating these kids too is a another thing i would want to do. I know it is not an easy job and i know for sure i cannot do it alone, nor do i want to!
My first job was to train a spectrum of students in multimedia software. In the year 2000.
Later on, i came back to my hometown,, Vellore, in TamilNadu and was associated with an institute which taught multimedia in many productive ways. One bright chain of events which stands out vivdly in memory is conducting seminars in rural schools around Vellore town between the years 2001 and 2003 to spread the message and the scope of the revolutionizing industry of multimedia for commercial purposes. I clearly remember the glee in the faces of the kids from these schools when they were shown commonly understood messages in a more attractive manner, especially on computers.
Which makes me think that a curriculum for the kids in my village, Cochi, should primarily consitute visually appealing material, a goal for everyday at the here!
I would also like to know how to reach this place where the mentally handicapped children live. Thank you.
There are many more things i wish ot know. Like, are there active forums where neighbours meet and discuss the issue by putting pen-on-paper. Why don't we try that sometime, if someone's not doing it already.
To ensure the kids get a better deal i am willing go the journey.
I could also teach these kids how to paint using a computer. I wish to know how i can do this and much more form this scaringly small white box. Bye now.


Dear neighbours,

Exicting news!!!!

The foundation stone for the school has been laid. It made the papers. Please check the main page. Dr. Premila, has attached a photo of the event. Hooray, keep up the good work my friends.


Dear Folks,

I am so glad to have received e-mails from more of you. I cant begin to express my gratitude and feel much content now. I don't feel I am all alone here anymore. Please contribute to this column. This way everyone and newcomers can see our progress. I thank you whole-heartedly for responding to my newsletters. I responded to each and every e-mail I received, I will keep you on-file and ask for your help as the need arises. In the mean-time do keep checking this post. There is so much work to be done as per the issues. If someone has a particular interest or next step in mind, please contribute. If you know of anyone else, who can help us, please do encourage them to join our group.




Hi Folks,

I have not heard from a lot of you. I hope everything is going ok. Please lets try to indulge is some conversation here. I feel so sad not having heard from anyone. Lets talk, say hi or just share what to do here.



Hi there my friends,

I am the new facilitator for this forum. I am very thankful and indeed honored to be part of this village. I would like to thank Karen for her kind introduction and for all of her efforts in helping the people of Cochin. She has done great work for this village. I hope to build upon her success. I wish her great success and hope that she would continue to visit us.

Together with the help of all you we can help this village in achieving their goals. I welcome all of your inputs and as always please feel free to post your suggestions.

For starters, firstly, I would like to ask all of you whether there is something that is pending which I should look into.

Secondly, please do introduce yourself and do tell me whether anyone has any special interests or skills. This would make it easier for me to delegate any special tasks to that appropriate person(s).



Dear all,

Sometime ago I decided to quit as facilitator of Cochin due to my busy workschedule. I don't feel like I am in the position to give cochin the time and car e it needs right now.
I enjoyed working with you as facilitator of Cochin and are sure to miss it.

I informed Premila of my decesion and offered to stay (in the background) till a new facilitator was found.

Pelle Aardema (from nabuur and also a new neighbour ) has found a new facilitator.

His name:[b]Jatinder Narang [/b].

He has a background in medical studies, loves birds and to help people. I am sure he will continue the good work of Cochin.
Jatinder, I wish you good luck, joy and many good results during your time as facilitator of Cochin.

Take care,


Dear All,

Hope You and family are fine.

Long Lost Tanvir is finally back :-)

Sorry I could not write a long message, because in my absence there has been a lot work and I have to update myself on my villages and do some work on my own village that is Wambale (Have You ever visited Wambale? If not please do and help us in any way possible, bundle of thanks in advance :-)

Why I was out of picture?

My Dear Friend Azania (She help facilitate my village while I could not) and the Nabuur people knew but here let me tell You why I was not available.

Every summer due to heat there are lots of power failures and voltage problems and as soon the summer was in full swing the same thing happen once more. Here are few links of the local news paper (Dates are in the link itself)

Normally it was either 40C or above that.

There You can read what I was going through. Right from the afternoon till late in night either we have no power (the longest it was gone for 19 hours) or voltage is very low, required here is 220V but we are only getting 140 or 150V.

Thanks for bearing with me uptill now.

Got to go as lot of work has to be done. Wish me luck and pray for me and I will pray for You.

Take good care,

Warm Regards,



hi every one thanks alot for what you are trying to do in the community according to me inorder to help our this will help us to bestable in whatever things we are doing as the saying goes to gethr we stand apart we fall


organisation activities


Hi All,

Seeking help from you all to RHIMA, a Deaddiction & Re-habilitation Center working at Kaithaveli, Cheriyakadavu, Cochin.

Visit our Website to know more details about of our activities along with IMA Cochin West.

Look forward to hear from you.

Thanks & Rgds
Anil K Menon


Hai guys you are doing great thing,

i too wish to be join with you and do something to make the things better.

presently i am in dubai, i will try to brings my friends toward this.