Help teach youth skills that will find them a job in Ghana itself

The good news is that in Ghana there are enough jobs for skilled labourers. To prevent youth from risking their lives trying to cross to Europe, the community wants to teach them skills that will find them a good job in Ghana itself.

To this end they wish to set up a vocational training centre.

The purpose of the desired training center is to set up a range of vocational training programs: Carpentry Training Workshop, Metal Workshop and a Computer Training Centre.

The training is intended to make trainees start their own businesses or to help them find a job after completing one of these training skills. As a result they don't have to risk their lives again on a harmfull journey to Europe.

The Dromankese project started one week ago. The highest priority at the moment is finding succesfull examples of vocational training centres in Africa which might model for our needed solution.

The youth of Dromankese has embarked on a Diary Farm project in the village. The financial assistance was made available by a Dutch Humanitarian Organisation.

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