Animal Husbandry Project

Development projects to alleviate extreme poverty.
Volunteers are also welcome to participate on this unique farm project
Millennium Development Goals Project undertaken by a Diaspora Organisation based in The Netherlands

A Millennium Development Goals Project has been initiated on a 10 acres of grassland in Dromankese. This Animals Husbandry Project is an initiative of World Volunteers Ghana. World Volunteers Ghana has set up this project to alleviate extreme hunger in the villages around Nkoranza District in Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

This project has reached his second chapter to develop and expand the farm. Hence this appeal to the International Community, Donors and Development Institutions to come to our aid to support this long term profitable initiative.

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I suggest that you use part of the acres to grow high quality legume forages. Use bucket drip irrigation to produce during the dry season. This could double your production.

I am glad to mail info if you are interested.

Ken Hargesheimer


Hi Ken, it`s been a long time. Thanks for your advice, the rest of the acres of land is left to grow thick to be used as grassland for the cattle, we leave them once a while to grass on the land.


Hi Ken, We would be glad to receiving your advice or documentation to be used to multiply the cattle production in Dromankese Animal Husbandry Farm.

All documentation or film materials could be sent to the World Volunteers office in The Netherlands:

Alfred Atta
Adelaarstraat 2


Thanks in advance.





I have lived and taught in several African countries but I do not know the forages and legumes best for you. Alfalfa is best worldwide. Takes a lot of water. Check with someone there. has some info. Check the internet.

You are leaving the rest of the land to grow weeds, etc. Plant it in a forage for the cattle.



Hello Ken, The information given does contains useful tips for farmers in developing countries.
Thanks very much for this valuable tips.

Much greetings,



Will take 1=2 weeks to arrive in Netherlands.


Hello Ken, Looking forward to receiving these dvd`s. I shall inform you when they arrive.

Best regards,



Hello Ken, The 2 CD`s about farming plans and management have been received today.
They are very educative and useful too.

Thanks very much.

Best regards,


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I am still getting benefit from the CDs you sent me.

Dr suranjan Sarkar


Hi Ken,

The CD`S sent are so full of useful informations.
Thanks so much.



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Mail boxes to support our mobile library project in Kasese, Uganda have been sent-out (and yet to arrive in Uganda), one by the International Book Project (IBP) and the other by the Darien Book Aid. As soon as book arrive, we will contact local schools to organize a book subscription lending service, as we look around to build a modest stock to enhance the book lending program and reading competiton for children.

The mobile libraries project developed in response to the evident lack of access to books and one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world. The goal is to stimulate a thirst for reading and a curiosity for exploration, by providing appropriate resources which is not available in our intervention area. It’s a simple but comprehensive model utilizing “Books-in-a-Box”, a highly effective way in ensuring that learners get the information, better grades, and the support they need to move from primary through secondary to tertiary education. In nutshell, the project will provide rural poor children and teachers with globally appropriate education through mobile book library, challenge intelligent children, stimulate their growth, and training Uganda's next generation of leaders; to maximize the chance of success at school and help to alleviate poverty by developing adults who are literate, creative and able to face the challenges of life.