Village talk

Status: Stalled

This Village is just taking its first steps on The local community is eager to build a global network of Neighbours like you. Feel free to leave a message in 'Meet the Neighbours' or share your ideas in the discussion.


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Just startedIn our village the most important issue is: School Drop-out Rates and HIV/AIDS332011-01-31 18:53
Just startedDEVELOP A WEBSITE for KIRC Foundation52010-10-19 21:01
Just startedHIV/AID AWARENESS COMPAIGN.152010-10-19 20:49

Step 2

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Just startedICT FOR DEVELOPMENT.62010-12-13 16:05

General tasks

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Just startedINTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE: Meet the neighbours of Elmina72011-05-23 11:38
In progressPROJECT ROOM - A Space for General Information & Updates02010-09-19 21:44Two weeks or more
Finishedkirc foundation organised school drop out campaign for Elmina community 02010-09-28 19:59
Needs urgent helpVOLUNTEER FOR KIRC FOUNDATION WEBSITE HOSTING FEE02010-10-01 16:05Two days
Not started yetSupport our ICT center contruction project32011-03-20 20:51
Not started yetHelp Kirc foundation secure a Projector 02010-10-08 18:56
Not started yetHelp Kirc foundation secure a Projector02010-10-09 22:15
Needs urgent helpVolunteer a Projector for Kirc Foundation02010-10-09 22:19
Not started yetVOLUNTEER A DIGITAL CAMARA FOR CHARITY WORK.02010-10-09 22:33A week